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Why are our surveys better than the competition?

We feel our surveys are better than the competition because like for like we do not feel we can be beaten on quality or price.Compare Surveys

When carrying out surveys our Surveyors give you an Executive Summary, which explains what the problem is, the action required and the approximate cost.  We utilise digital photography and sketches that are unique to us and produce a unique survey report which we feel is the Rolls Royce of reports.

Very importantly we are independent - that means we are not owned by banks, building societies, or any form of mortgage lender and are most certainly not owned by estate agents, like many surveying companies and mortgage advisers (sometimes one company will own them all under different names).

We offer a full range of surveys, from residential building surveys to commercial building surveys on freehold properties and sCompare Surveyschedules of condition and property reports on leasehold commercial properties, to dilapidations reports, to specific defects reports on your existing home or boundary disputes, to property valuations.  Our Surveyors can help give you party wall advice and expert witness advice.

Meet your Surveyor

We like to give you a personal service and the Surveyor will meet you at the property to go through the various issues that they find.

For a friendly chat please contact us on Free Phone 0800 298 5424.Compare Surveys

Below are examples of our surveys. We are more than happy to show you the type of survey we produce. We are always looking to improve our building surveys and we also have owned and developed our own data base on property problems for many years.

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Compare Surveys

Compare our Website

We suggest that you look at some of our many articles on this website (we believe we have more than any other property company).  We are sure you will find something relevant to the property problems you have or the property that you are looking to purchase, as we have literally over 100 of our surveys on the website too.

Take your time, as it's important to make the right decision when looking for a Surveyor.

Click the link below to compare one of our surveys with one that has been put together by a surveyor owned by a mortgage company.

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Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

Compare Surveys

If you would like to see how our surveys actually look please view some of the examples below.  These are simply PDF's of the Word documents that are used to create the surveys, therefore they look exactly the same as this.  Your survey would also follow these lines in terms of content and photography.

Victorian Terraced
House Survey
Barn conversion
Building Survey
Building Survey
Leasehold converted Flat
Building Survey
Building Survey
Home buyers Survey barn conversion survey bungalow building survey diy conversion building survey Edwardian building survey
Georgian Converted Flat Modern Property Post War semi-detached War Years Chalet style home Georgian
Building Survey
Georgian Converted Flat building survey Modern building survey Post War building survey bungalow building survey survey of a georgian property
Converted Flat
Building Survey
Building Survey
Building Survey
Victorian Property Download PDF reader
survey on a converted flat survey of regency property short survey Victorian Building survey

We are sure you'll agree our surveys are considerably better than our rivals.

To get a quote for a survey on your property click here.

We hope you found the article of use and if you have any experiences that you feel should be added to this article that would benefit others, or you feel that some of the information that we have included is wrong then please do not hesitate to contact us (we are only human).

Here are a few articles that you may be interested in. We pride ourselves on our variety and wealth of information we have.  We also have many more articles on the home page of our website if you would like more information on buying or selling a property.

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Independent Surveyor's Advice

If you truly do want an independent expert opinion from a surveyor with regard to structural surveys, building surveys, structural reports, engineers reports, defects report, including things such as cracks, dampness, condensation, foundation problems, etc, dilapidations, homebuyers reports or any other property matters please free phone 0800 298 5424 for a surveyor to give you a call back.

Independent Commercial Property Surveyors

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If you have a commercial property, be it leasehold or freehold, then you may wish to look at our Dilapidations Website at and for Disputes go to our Disputes Help site .

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