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    building survey building survey
    building survey building survey


    What makes our Building Surveys the best money can buy?

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    Building Surveys Fast

    Are you having pressure from the Estate Agent to make a quick decision?  

    Our Building Surveyors will visit the property you are looking to buy, carry out an inspection and produce your Building Survey within a few days.  

    A Building Survey will identify any property concerns and enable you to make the right decision for your next home.

    Unique Survey Sketches 

    We include in our Building Surveys unique survey sketches which we have had hand drawn exclusively for use in our Surveys.

    Our Survey Sketches aid to explain any property defects or features to ensure you have a full understanding of the property you are wishing to buy. 

    The sketches are used together with photos and full descriptions in an easy to read format making our Building Surveys the best money can buy.

    building survey

    building survey

    Meet Your Surveyor at the property

    We always recommend, if you can, to meet with your Surveyor on the day of the Building Survey at the property.  

    Why?  You will be able to see first hand any property issues and also talk about solutions and costs.

    Planning on extending or alternating the house? - your Surveyor will be able to give you ideas to maximise space and add value to your new home.

    Hundreds of Survey Photos

    Our Building Surveyors literally take hundreds of photographs whilst carrying out Building Surveys.

    We always use the latest digital cameras and include lots of high resolution photos in our Building Surveys together with detailed descriptions and sketches to ensure you fully understand any property defects or characteristics.

    We also include aerial view 360 photos of high level areas such as problem valley gutters, defective parapet walls  or hidden areas of roofs.

    building survey

    3D Models and Layout Plans

    We can provide 3D models and layout plans to help you visualise your new layout or extension.

    A 3D model and/or layout plan will ensure you and your builder are on the same page and help to avoid costly later amendments.

    To help you make the right decision a 3D model and/or layout plan will give you a realistic view of your plans for your home.


    Independent Building Surveyors

    All our Building Surveyors are Independent Surveyors and are not tied in with Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Banks etc 

    Our Building Surveyors have your best interests at heart and are 100% impartial.

    building survey

    building survey

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