Home improvements, builder problems and ideas for you on how to solve them

Independent Structural SurveyorsHome improvements can be anything from installing double glazing or central heating, having a loft conversion or fitting a new kitchen or bathroom to extending your property via a single or two storey extension.

We have written the articles below based upon our experience of building work that we have come across during our surveys over the years and problems with builders.

We would add that during the course of our surveyors carrying out structural surveys one of the biggest problems can be where an extension has been built badly or incorrectly, in what we would term as to a DIY standard. Some of this may be obvious to you but much of it is hidden away in the finer detail to the untrained eye.

We are always pleased if our clients will meet us during the survey so we can look at and discuss any potential alterations and improvements that you are looking to carry out to the property.

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