Party Walls and Common Sense

disputesWhat is a Party Wall?

In brief it is any boundary, floor, fence or wall that is jointly used by two or more parties - both parties have rights to the use of the Party Wall.  The Party Wall Act relates to these rights and sets out a way of resolving any issues.  Interestingly, the idea of the Party Wall is very old and is mentioned in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - we have been having problems with Party Walls for many years!

We have produced a number of reviews of books and articles regarding Party Wall issues:

Book Reviews

A Practical Manual for Party Wall Surveyors
Party Walls The New Law
The Pyramus and Thisbe Club Green Book - A Party Wall Act Explained
Party Walls from the Case in Point Series

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What is a Third Surveyor in Relation to Party Wall Act etc 1996?
Party Wall Basics
Time Waits for no-one, be they the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner, Section 1 of Party Wall etc Act 1996
Time Waits for no-one, be they the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner, Section 2 of Party Wall etc Act 1996
What is a Party Wall Notice?
Party Walls Who's Who
Party Walls Look Like This
Excavation and Construction Close to your Property
Three Metre Notice Section 6 Party Wall Act
Six Metre Notice Section 6 Party Wall Act
Party Wall Surveyors Being Unreasonable

Party Walls Presentations

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