With the Party Wall Act etc 1996
time waits for no-one,
be they the building owner
or the adjoining owner
for a Section 1 Party Wall Notice


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The Party Wall etc Act 1996 waits for no-one

We feel that one of the very best things about The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is that it sets out time limits in which the parties involved (the building owner and the adjoining owner or owners and their respective party wall surveyors) need to act. This practice, with regard to the Party Wall Act, has given time limits for whoever makes it, and is one of the best parts of the Act this does mean that the party has rights that are time limited, which means they can proceed on regardless of whether you get a response or no response.

Building owner, one month notice for a Section 1 Notice

In this case the building owner is only required to give one month's notice before the planned start date for the work. This notice is valid for one year.

Adjoining owner's 14 day response, three options

The adjoining owner or adjoining owners can respond in one of three ways:-

Give consent in writing within 14 days

Give dissent in writing within 14 days

Do nothing within 14 days!

party walls

Building owner's 14 days response to the counter-notice served against them

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Equally, if a counter-notice is received from the adjoining owner the building owner has to respond within 14 days.

14 days is the key time that the adjoining owner has to respond within. Make sure you keep to these times, particularly for the adjoining owner. If you don't keep to these times then you can lose your ability to negotiate and influence the deal. By deal we mean the work that is being carried out on the party wall.

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