Why we always recommend having a Structural Building Survey

When buying a shop be it large or small it is important to ensure that there aren't any structural problems particularly if the property is freehold, although structural problems can also be a problem on a full repairing and insuring lease known as an FRI lease of which you can effectively become responsible for these problems. A way of limiting your liability is to have a Schedule of Condition which is a report on the condition of the property appended/attached to the lease which will then protect you from a future dilapidations claim.


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Making sure our Building Surveys are right for you

Over the years we have carried out shop surveys for both large and small shops. We have as surveyors written a number of articles which we feel would be of use to you. We have looked at shops old and listed as well as newer properties that have been purpose built. All of them have their characteristics and potential problems particularly if the landlord has used a well worded lease.

Building Surveying Articles

Below are some surveying articles which may be of interest to you.

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Examples of our unique building surveys

Sketch explaining where a shop could have heat loss problems

If you would like to see some examples of any of our surveys we are more than happy to send you these via email. The surveys contain photos, sketches and definitions that help to explain the specific problems that we find.

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