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We are Independent Building Surveyors with years and years of experience of carrying out building surveys on all types of commercial properties.

We particularly specialise in shops and feel we have a good knowledge of old and new shops, everything from the converted and extended, from smaller shops to large shops set out on structural frames.

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Shopping is all about customers not traffic

Whilst it was once true we are a nation of shopkeepers, the rules of the game have changed over the years.  One of these is the institutional investment into good high streets and shopping centres.  This is because a good high street and/or a good shopping centre will attract business and one which knows how to make money and as such pay good rent.  Although from the landlord’s point of view, it will always never be high enough and from the tenant’s point of view it will always be too high.  How do we know an area is good other than

What do we mean by shops?

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The retail business is too high a stake business to leave it to intuition

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In  years gone by, as surveyors, we used to deal with clients who predominantly worked on intuition as to where best to develop and extend their business next and in fact, this is very true with the smaller shop and retail unit.  However, large and medium sized units or businesses have moved on to a more calculated way of doing business.  We would argue that you really can almost guarantee success from your location, providing you have a business and goods that people want to buy.

Footfall is key to a successful business

Footfall is key to a successful business as you have to have passing traffic or destination traffic.

Customer Defined

Someone who actually spends money.

Shops location

Destination Customer

This is someone who specifically hunted out your shop or business and tends to fall into two categories:

Specialist retail offering

This could be anything from a specialist model aeroplane shop to a games shop and probably increasingly a wine merchant.  We will talk more about how the market is changing later on.

Area footfall

This is slightly broader than destination footfall; it is where someone looks for an area of the town that is known for having that sort of retail offering such as an Estate Agents and this would be a good and obvious example.  There are other areas where clothes and fashion are the main factor, DIY or Art/Antiques.  This is the customer generally knowing that the area will get them the sort of thing they are looking for.

Customer defined

Someone who actually spends money.

General footfall

This is where you are in a good location, simply due to the numbers of people passing your door and window and you are likely to get a percentage of the people doing business with you or at a similar outlet.

Compare our Building Surveys but don’t compare Apples with Thursdays

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience as independent surveyors if you require a building survey or structural survey.

If you would like us to send you a copy of one of our surveys we are more than happy to do this although we fully appreciate all properties are unique therefore making all our surveys unique and tailored to your individual needs.

We have every confidence in our surveys and believe there are no other comparable surveys out there in the UK property and surveying market.

Having a survey carried out on the property by an independent surveyor will give you extra piece of mind.

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