Examples of problems with roof structures

We use lots of sketches and photos in our building surveys

roof problemsWe can provide help and advice with regard to building surveys, structural surveys, independent valuations, property surveys, structural reports, engineers reports, home buyers reports or any other property matters . We can carry out specific defect reports relating to roof problems and advise on practical solutions. In the past we have carried out survey reports on problems with the roof structure to problems with the roof covering.

As you can see from our articles on surveying we use lots of sketches and photos which we also use in our property reports as the feedback we have from our clients is that the sketches and photos help them understand the reports better and ultimately solve the problems and carry out the appropriate negotiations. We, of course, like to meet you at the property during the survey and we are more than happy to talk to you about the reports.

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A problem with the roof can often indicate problems with the whole building

1. Replacement of slate or tile roof with a heavier concrete tile without adding strength to the roof structure

roof problems
Roof spread - heavy roof pushes walls out


This can result in failure of the common rafters (the ones that form the pitch of the roof) and / or the roof pushing out the walls and causing roof spread.

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2. Rafter Feet Rotting

roof problems
Rafter feet rotting

This is a very strange term but this relates to the common rafters rotting at the base where perhaps there is a sit on gutter or even a leaking gutter or a roof against a flat roof and the base of the timbers rots away. The most common place we see this is on Victorian properties to the rear extension and interestingly it is not to the base of the roof it is to the top of the roof where the top of the roof meets the parapet wall.



3. Roofs affected by wet rot, dry rot or woodworm

roof problems


All roofs that are significantly affected by wet rot, dry rot or woodworm deteriorate. For example recently we came across a common rafter that had actually broken under the structural pressures having been weakened with dampness getting in the roof. Interestingly in the same building we also saw problems with woodworm eating through a purlin to such an extent that it had structurally weakened the timber and there had been movement in the roof.



4. Wind driven rain

roof problems
Wind driven rain


We also had another case where the entirety of a block of flats had been re-roofed and the roofing contractor had not lapped the slates appropriately and therefore wind driven rain got underneath the slates.





Some of these problems can happen of course on both a gable roof or a hipped roof.


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Things to look out for which may be signs that the roof has problems

If you look at the corner of this hipped roof you can see that there is movement in the hipped roof.


roof problems
roof problems

Can you spot the problem with this hipped roof?

Hipped roof

roof problems
Signs of movement in roof

Doors can indicate problems

Doors are a very good indicator of any problems and when you see angle irons. In this particular case this movement meant that there was a broken common rafter inside and this was because dampness was getting into the roof.



Can you spot the problems with these roofs?

The photo looking into the corner of a roof gave the first indicator that there were problems with movement and that there had been long term problems. If you look at the horizontal timber that goes across the corner of the walls this is the tie that is trying to stop the movement in the property.


roof problems
roof problems

Looking at the corner of a roof

Looking up into a cathedral ceiling. The circled tie was added to try to stop movement


Metal Ties

roof problems
Metal ties


Also metal ties or angle iron externally can be a clue that there are problems, for example in this photo.




Examples of Problems that we see in roofs

roof problems
Crack in common rafter


This problem was only viewed when we were in the roof. We are forever amazed at surveyors that don't go in roofs and we are well aware that the new Valuation requirement for surveyors means that you don't even have to open the loft hatch. We feel that a surveyor carrying out either a building survey or a structural survey should always go in the roof.



roof problems
Dampness getting into the roof


In this particular case the roof problems have been caused by the dampness getting in the roof and also the poor selection of timber; if you look closely you can see there is a large knot in this timber which has led to it cracking when in the damp environment.




roof problems

If you look closely at these photos, you can see that there is extensive woodworm attack to this purlin. You can see the frass and deteriorating timber where a knife has been put into the purlin. Normally we don't find that woodworm causes a problem, in fact we would go so far as to say that probably only one in a hundred times that we see woodworm it causes what we would term as structurally significant problems however you certainly don't want to have these.



Frass defined

roof problems
Frass and deteriorating timber

The chewed up sawdust that the beetle leaves behind. A light coloured dust and a light coloured hole indicates this is relatively recent. Obviously if it is a darker coloured frass, or darker coloured hole, it means it is older and the woodworm may have gone.




Dampness to valley gutters

roof problems
Valley gutters


If we can see a valley gutter externally we then look for one internally and check for dampness, which again can lead to deteriorating timbers.


roof problems
roof problems

Valley gutter externally

Valley gutter internally with dampness

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