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As you can see from this article we sketches and also photos in all our survey reports as the feedback we have from our clients is that the sketches and photos help them understand the reports.

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Modern properties can have problems too

We have just been to look at a property that is less than two years old and has major problems with the roof. The reason for this is the builder has not correctly constructed the parapet walls.

roof problemsA parapet wall is a small wall built around a flat, or shallow pitched roof. The problem is that they can absorb the rain, due to their exposed location, and bring dampness into the property, which it is in this case, causing mould internally.

The builder doesn't understand the problem, or maybe they do!

The builder has willingly come back twice and is about to come back a third time. However, we believe they are looking for a quick fix and to get out of the two year warranty, which runs out this month. Rather than replace the coping stones with correct sized ones, they have put mastic or sealant over it, similar to what you would use in a bathroom. They also appear to be well aware that the drip on the coping is in the wrong place, due to the coping stones being the wrong size and they have put bathroom mastic along the edge of the coping stone to try and form a drip.

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roof problemsDrip defined

A drip is an indent, usually in a sill or a coping stone, which causes the water to gather and drip at that point, thereby keeping them away from the wall and stopping damage, deterioration and dampness getting in.

What we are most concerned about is the mastic drip being added, as we feel this has been intentionally carried out as a temporary solution, when the builders are well aware that mastic in such an exposed location would come off very quickly and the problem would be back. They have also painted over the mould.

Treating the effect not the cause

Both the adding of the mastic and the painting over internally of the mould with mould retardant paint unfortunately has not resolved the cause of the problem and whilst it looked a great deal better for a few months it came back.

The two years builders Warranty and the ten years NHBC Guarantee

roof problems

We would refer you to our other articles about the misunderstanding as to what a builder will do and won't do and what the NHBC won't do and won't do! (We haven't made a mistake in what we are saying there). We would refer you to the excellent article in Which! magazine (please search website for name of article), where they advised about the loophole that allows you to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds for a building and have next to no protection.

Is going to court the answer?

Unfortunately, it seems unless you actually threaten or take court action, the service and the work carried out by the builders is very much superficial and, what's more, can take a great deal of your time up and be a worry.

Taking the builder to court, Civil Procedure Rules Part 35

roof problems

We can provide reports that are standard required by the courts, known as Civil Procedure Rules Part 35. You will also hear the term expert witness. Again, we are more than happy to do this, but most importantly, we feel we can help you make a common sense decision and deal with the problem in the manner that best suits you, i.e. taking into consideration the time that the matter would take up and the cost.

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