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My reasons for moving house

moving house
Typical 1970's/1980's house

I had lived in the house for many years, the average is moving every seven to fourteen years and I was on about my fifteenth year. The houses were in a cul de sac and I was thinking how many people that had originally moved in had moved out. I then did a quick check and noticed that everyone that had originally moved in had moved out of the cul de sac. Not that that in itself was a problem, but it did get me thinking that I wanted a change and that it would be easier to live nearer the motorway, which I use a lot for my job as a surveyor.

It sounds a very strange thing to say that I wanted to be near a motorway but that was genuinely true. The house that I was about to try and sell had been built in the 1970's/1980's and was in a cul de sac and had two bedrooms with a garage and a parking space, which I liked (I do like to be able to park near my house). I also very much liked the landscaping around the house but I only realised that I liked this once I had moved. I would comment that before you do decide to move you do have to weigh up the pros and cons particularly of things that you like about the existing house.

I went with the traditional route of a local estate agent. Luckily being a surveyor I knew the local estate agent and felt that this particular estate agent offered a far better service than the national companies. Having said that, and having worked within two national estate agents, I do feel also that there are advantages to national estate agents such as getting good coverage. In this particular case I thought that the local estate agents would manage to do this as well.

What value?

I remember asking the estate agent to come around and value the property and being a surveyor you have one view on value and the estate agent definitely has a different value in mind. In this particular case the values were quite different and as is only probably the case with a surveyor selling a house, I showed the estate agent similar properties that I had seen for sale and their sold prices (remember that you need to be looking at the sold prices, not what the estate agents are advertising in the newspapers).

The estate agent came back to me and advised that it was really how quickly I wanted to sell the house. It may sound strange but I had just come back from being on holiday and decided that I did want to move so the time frame of moving was important so I went with the advice of the estate agent who thought that they could sell the property within four to twelve weeks at that particular price, which they did.

Looking back the only real thing that I did was to make sure that the house was neat and tidy whenever anyone came to view the property. I also added a few plants to the garden as it was summer and I made sure that both the estate agent and the person viewing the property had somewhere to park when they came to view it as the last thing you would want is for the person to have difficulty parking particularly if this is one of their main criterias for buying the house.

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My search for a house

moving house
New property

It is always a Catch 22 situation whether you search for a house before you have sold yours or not. I decided that the estate agent that I had known for many years had been very honest in his prediction of sale time and had started looking for a new property. As mentioned one of my main criteria was to be near a good road system and in my particular case this was the M1. I had a very open mind about whether the house should be old or new which is perhaps an interesting comment when I tend to carry out surveys predominantly on older properties.

The house that I ended up purchasing was what is known as ‘off plan'. It was so new that it hadn't been built yet; it was the last one to be built on the housing estate.

I chose it for a number of reasons:

1. As mentioned because of the good transport links

2. The view and the fact that it was near a green area, ironically this has now had planning permission on and is having houses built on it, which is something perhaps I should have looked into more.

3. It was also at the time a cul de sac, which it no longer is as the road is now linking into the new area where the houses are being built.

4. Probably the main thing that I was looking for in the house was that it was a house that I could actually develop, extend and alter which is what I have done over the years.

Did the house move go smoothly?

Not exactly. One of the main problems with the house exchange was that it wasn't actually ready on time yet the solicitor still wanted me to exchange, which I said I wouldn't do. They then charged me a penalty for not exchanging on the due date; even though the house wasn't ready there was some small print, which meant that I still had to exchange so be very careful when buying a new property.

moving house
House drainage

Without going into a long story there was a problem with the house, which involved in the end the NHBC being called in, although they didn't help and it was the threatening of legal action to the house builders that finally got them to carry out the work. The problem was that the drains went towards the house rather than tipping away, which isn't great on sewage drains.

There were also problems with the house with regard to the heating where the pipes had not been mechanically bent (they had been hand bent) and this had effectively closed up the heating system pipes meaning that the heating didn't work.

So, it is fair to say that it wasn't the smoothest of handovers however it has been great as the house is located in a far better position for me with regard to road access, the neighbours are great and also being able to do the alterations and extensions that I wished to do on the property.

Now looking back on the move it was a good move.

Location, Location, Location

As mentioned I had a very open mind on the type of property I was after, it was more the location that was important. I did look at anything and everything and I did overall enjoy the experience but then it probably goes without saying as I'm a surveyor I like property!

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We trust you found the article of use and if you have any experiences that you believe should be added to this article that would benefit others, or you feel that some of the information that we have put is wrong then please do not pause to contact us (we are only human).

We hope you found the article of use and if you have any experiences that you feel should be added to this article that would benefit others, or you feel that some of the information that we have included is wrong then please do not hesitate to contact us (we are only human).

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