Homebuyers Report or Building Survey?

Homebuyers Report or Building Survey?

Why risk only having a Homebuyers Report when a Building Survey will be so much more comprehensive?

What is a Building Survey?

A Building Survey carried out by a Chartered Surveyor is extremely detailed and provides a full report of the condition of the property on the day of the survey.

Why is a Building Survey helpful when buying a property?

A Building Survey is essential when you are buying a property, as it will identify any property defects.

The Building Survey will give anticipated costs of building works required to rectify any property defects.  The Building Survey will be essential allowing you to use the report to negotiate on the purchase price.

building survey

Is a Building Survey also a Full Structural Survey?

building surveyYes, a Building Survey is also known as a Full Structural Survey.  A Building Survey is the best survey to buy, as it will give you a comprehensive structural report on the property.

A Full Structural Survey with one of our Building Surveyors is:-

  1. Written in plain English – jargon free so you can fully understand any property issues.
  2. Independent property advice – all our Building Surveyors are independent giving 100% impartial property advice.  Our Surveyors are independent from banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies – working for you and only you with your best interests at heart.
  3. Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries – our building surveys are presented clearly with many survey photos, survey sketches and definitions of any technical building terms.
  4. Our Surveyors will meet you at the property – on the day of the survey meet the Surveyor to discuss any property concerns or plans for extending or amending the property.
  5. Latest surveying equipment – all our Independent Building Surveyors are equipped with the latest survey equipment.
  6. Unique survey sketches – we include unique survey sketches that assist in explaining property issues or characteristics ensuring you have a full understanding of the property.
  7. Aerial view - 360 photos – we not only include high quality digital photos in our full structural surveys we also include aerial view photos, which give a bird’s eye view of difficult areas to view.
  8. 3D models and layout plans – if you are thinking of extending or amending the property we can provide 3D models and layout plans to help you.

How can I book a Building Survey?

Either free phone 0800 298 5424 or click here and complete our form and we will call you back

How much will the Building Survey cost?

The cost will depend upon the size of the property for a free no obligation building survey quote call 0800 298 5424

Can I see an example Building Survey?

Yes click on one of the icons below

building survey building survey building survey
Tudor House Example Survey
Victorian House Example Survey
Modern House Example Survey

Please contact us for help and advice on this type of building claim or insurance claim or any other structural problems on 0800 298 5424 and a Chartered Surveyor will ring you back to discuss this further.

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