Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles – Ready for Prime Time?

Electric Car
Technical Readiness

Many of the early electric vehicles on the market had limited range, and were not by any stretch of the imagination aspirational vehicles. During the late...

Are Electric Cars Still Expensive?

Electric Car Charger
Background of Electric Cars

There has been a dramatic change over the last 5 years, and especially in the last year regarding the performance, quality and driving range of EVs ...

Comparing EV and ICE Vehicle Cost of Ownership

Comparing EV and ICE vehicles

To make a fair comparison of the cost of electric and internal combustion engined vehicles to the end user requires consideration of quite a few different factors relating to capital cost, fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and tax treatment ...

Electric Commercial Vehicles

Electric Commercial Vehicles

Until very recently, electric commercial vehicles were not widely available. This is now rapidly changing with an increasing range of available commercial vehicles....