Ceiling Cracks and Structural Problems

Cracks in a building cause people to be concerned


When we as building surveyors carry out structural surveys we will always note the cracks we see and explain whether they are what we term as an ok crack, (we were going to use the term a good crack but it is probably not appropriate), and cracks that are structural problems and can relate from the obvious to hairline cracks that are the first stage in showing a problem.

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Should I have a structural survey or should I have a Homebuyer's Report?

We believe that buying a house and home is such an important purchase that you need to have the best possible advice that you can receive. No shortcuts should be taken which is why we recommend a structural survey also known as a building survey. What's more we recommend your own independent building Surveyor carries out the structural survey so that you know that the Surveyor is working specifically for you.


Why our Building Survey Reports are different from other Surveyors Reports

We have over twenty years surveying experience and pride ourselves on our comprehensive and easy to read Survey Reports.

We explain any property problems we find in an Executive Summary, which is broken down into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! We offer you solutions as to how to fix any issues with the house and an anticipated cost for any works, we recommend you get three separate quotes for any work.

Why we put circles and ovals in our building surveys?

We also use circles and ovals on our photographs and sketches to emphasise problem areas so that you are not left wondering what the problem is. In addition to this if the photographs do not explain the problem enough together with our survey report, we also add in one of our own sketches such as the example that is shown here.


Crack in bay window ceiling, circled
in red


Crack in plaster


Different types of cracks

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Examples of our Survey Reports

You can download one of our example survey reports from our website Free Example Surveys or we can email or send you a copy.

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