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At 1stAssociated we as Independent Surveyors carry out many building surveys in Cambridge and love to further our knowledge of all places so we decided to find out more information about Cambridge University. We hope you enjoy the read!

Cambridge University in beautiful Cambridge attracts visitors from all over the world!

cambridge university

A brief history of Cambridge University

It was in 1209 when scholars from Oxford came to Cambridge initially living in lodgings. As time went by houses were rented as hostels with a Master put in charge of each one to look after the students. Courses were taught by members of an organisation set up by the scholars.

Initially many lectures were held in private houses as the University did not have its own premises. Public ceremonies were held in parish churches.

St Peters College or Peterhouse was the earliest college to be founded in 1284.

Cambridge University Schools, Colleges and Departments

Six schools, thirty one colleges and various departments make up Cambridge University including;

Christ's College which was founded in 1505 and was once attended by Charles Darwin the famous British scientist.

Kings College which was founded in 1441 and is world famous for its beautiful chapel.

Trinity College, founded in 1546 and home of the well-known Wren Library.

St Johns founded in 1511 and known for its Bridge of Sighs which is used by people working, studying and visiting the college.

Queens College which was founded in 1448 and is divided into two, (one part either side of the River Cam) which are joined by the Mathematical Bridge.

Lucy Cavendish College which was founded in 1965 and is just for women.

Peterhouse, the oldest of the Cambridge Colleges, founded in 1284.

Fitzwilliam College founded in 1869 and home to a beautiful Regency house which was once the home of Emma Darwin.

Jesus College, founded in 1496 and built on the site of a 12th century nunnery.

Pembroke College founded in 1347 and the first of the colleges to have its own chapel.

Famous people and Cambridge University

Many well-known people have studied at Cambridge University over the years including fifteen British prime ministers! Here are just a few others we thought you might like to know about;

Prince Charles

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

John Cleese, English actor, comedian, writer and film producer

Stephen Fry, Writer, actor and comedian

Sacha Baron-Cohen better known as Ali G

Isaac Newton, English mathematician and physicist

Charles Darwin, British scientist

Francis Bacon, English philosopher

Henry Cavendish, British chemist and physicist

John Cockcroft, British physicist

Francis Crick, British biochemist

Stephen Hawking, English theoretical physicist

AA Milne, Author

Quentin Blake, Illustrator

Nick Hornby, English novelist

Emma Thompson, Actress

Rachel Weisz, Actress

Thandie Newton, Actress

Kevin McLoud, British designer, writer and television presenter

And also Alan Turing the English mathematician whom we have written about in more detail

Cambridge University Footlights 

Footlights was founded in 1883 and is a well-known amateur theatrical club for Cambridge University students where students get to perform sketches, stand-up and songs in front of a full audience.

cambridge university

Footlights is the place where many of our famous comedians both past and present met and started out such as The Goodies (Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie), Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong of comedy duo ‘Armstrong and Miller', Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins of Mel and Sue fame and Nick Hancock best known for Room 101. The comedy writer and former British barrister Clive Anderson was President of the Footlights from 1974 to 1975. It is also the place where John Cleese met Graham Chapman and Eric Idle who both became members of Monty Python. Other Monty Pythons Michael Palin and Terry Jones met at Oxford University .

Cambridge and the rest of the world

Cambridge has around 3,500 students from 120 countries around the world and has strong links with these places which include Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Middle East and the USA.

Cambridge University is involved in research around the world finding solutions to global problems.

cambridge university

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Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University has its own publishing business called Cambridge University Press which prints and publishes academic and educational books, bibles and journals. Cambridge University Press distributes to most countries and has 50 offices worldwide.

What is Oxbridge?

Oxbridge is a portmanteau of Oxford University and Cambridge University and is used as both Oxford and Cambridge being the UK's top two universities are very often talked about together.

The Cambridge and Oxford Boat Race

cambridge university

The Oxford and Cambridge boat race is a fantastic event which started in 1829 in Henley on Thames as a challenge between school friends and is today an annual event which takes place on the River Thames between rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

The Boat Race course is between Putney and Mortlake and is a 4 mile course and eight oared rowing boats are used each with a cox who steers the boat and all crew members are students.

The boat race attracts large crowds yearly with people lining the riverbank to cheer on the rowers. The race is also screened live.

Hugh Laurie the well known English comedian, actor, writer, musician and director rowed for Cambridge in the 1980 boat race.



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