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The importance of AFSS in warehouses and industrial units

In recent times, there have been two reports highlighting the importance of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems in warehouses and industrial units, particularly in large warehouses and industrial units where there may be an equally large collection of valuable assets.

Thought has to be given to the damage and destruction that can be caused by a fire – big or small.

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Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR)

CEBR have produced a report that looks specifically at the financial and economic value of the damage and the problems caused by fires in warehouses and industrial buildings.  We are specifically looking at those in England and Wales not fitted with Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Building and Fire Regulations – What’s their primary concern?

Building Regulations and Fire Regulations relate to the safety of people getting out of the building and saving the assets within the building

The basic requirements when building a warehouse in the UK are to meet the building regulations and planning permissions.  The building regulations look at the technical aspect of how a building is built that incorporate fire safety.

Fire Safety for People and Fire Safety for goods in the warehouse

It has to be remembered that throughout the building regulations the safety relates to aiding people to safely exist within the building or safely escape from the building in the worst case scenario of a fire.  It may well have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock within the building that burns because the building regulations and fire regulations related to the safe exit of people.

Fire Safety for People and Warehouse Goods

It should be remembered that when a warehouse or industrial unit or distribution centre is built, it is usually built speculatively without the knowledge of who is going to be using the unit and it could then be filled with inflammable or non-inflammable materials or even highly inflammable liquids at a later date.  A fire risk assessment or a fire safety assessment could take into consideration the impact of the goods stored in a building as well and, also, the business / risk assessment to be made as to whether cost of fire prevention measures are worthwhile to save the goods stored within the warehouse.

Risk Assessment of your stored goods

As with everything in business or life, more generally you have to look at some form of risk assessment based upon the sort of products that you have stored in the warehouse and the way that you wish them to establish the risk that you particularly have.

Building Research Establishment Investigations

The Building Research Establishment (BRE), has over the years, been considered to have been set up many years ago, originally it was a Government owned establishment and investigated the way we build and potential problems in the way we build and analysis of building defects.  They have produced reports in relation to sprinkler systems in three ranges of warehouses based upon life cycle analysis.

For those of you wondering what life cycle analysis is, this is where you look at the whole life of the building which includes not only the building costs but also the maintenance costs; these are such things as repairs to roofs but also e.g. cleaning and a much broader look at the element.

Life cycle costing is certainly something that an informed property owner or property leaseholder should be looking at.  It was stated that they have research papers in relation to warehouses, building sizes and the economic values of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Fire Emergency and Rescue Service – they do more than just put out fires

It probably goes without saying that the Emergency and Rescue Teams commonly known as the Fire Brigade or the Fire and Rescue Service are concerned about the problems of fires in warehouses and we do believe they have run free to attend seminars in the past, on specialist Automatic Sprinkler Systems and no doubt they will do in the future.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies that insure the goods in the warehouse are also keen to make sure that buildings stay intact and don’t burn down and they too, from what we understand, have been involved with free to attend seminars.

Useful information from the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

For those of you wishing to find out more, you can contact us on Free phone 0800 298 5424 or alternatively contact the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association or their website is worth looking at too –

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