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Soffits and Wet Rot and Dry Rot and other



Over the years whilst carrying out our structural surveys we have written many articles on external joinery such as windows and doors and fascias and soffits.

It is amazing what a difference the windows and doors make to the look of a property. This is particularly important on older buildings and listed buildings where there may be requirements and regulations where you can't just alter the windows and doors.

In a property where the owners had replacement double glazing from a well known double glazing company they were very poorly fitted and we were asked to carry out an independent survey so that the client could negotiate with the double glazing company to rectify the problem.

Overclad fascias and soffits

We are finding that many people are choosing to overclad fascias and soffits rather than redecorate them. Unfortunately overcladding of fascias and soffits may be used to disguise wet rot or dry rot therefore if you are buying a property with overclad fascias and soffits then you should be aware of what is underneath. Also it is important that if they are overclad that there are vents within them to ventilate the roof space otherwise you may find that you have condensation within your roof space which in turn can lead to dampness. All these things are not noticeable to the average purchaser when buying a house but should be picked up by a surveyor.

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