Warehouse and Industrial Buildings

Protect yourself at the start of your lease by having a Schedule of Condition carried out

The innocent warehouse that you leased as part of your business can cause all sorts of problems over the years due to lack of maintenance. There can be problems with roof leaks and all sorts of other things that you are liable for under a full repairing and insuring lease known as an FRI lease. No matter what condition you take the property on in you'll need to give it back in the condition as stated in the lease, a mistake that many people make. We would recommend you have a Schedule of Condition carried out but also a Property Report as well which is a Structural Survey for commercial properties giving advice on how to negotiate how you are taking on the commercial property.

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Why our Building Survey Reports are different from other Surveyors Reports                 

We have over twenty years surveying experience and pride ourselves on our comprehensive and easy to read Survey Reports. We explain any property problems we find in an Executive Summary, which is broken down into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! We offer you solutions as to how to fix any issues with anticipated cost and we recommend you get three separate quotes.

Surveying Articles

We have literally thousands of surveying articles to help you that we as building surveyors have produced over the years which explain the problems that can occur from having the wrong type of survey. Below is a selection but to see more go to www.1stAssociated.co.uk.

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Meet your Building Surveyor at the Survey

We recommend you meet us during the survey so that we understand exactly what you require from your survey report and answer any questions you might have.


Have an example of one of our Survey Reports?

You can download one of our example Commercial Building Survey, Property Report and/or Schedule of Condition from our website or we can email you a copy.

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