Traditional and Non-Traditional Houses and Mortgage Problems

Independent House SurveyorsFor those of you that arrived directly onto this webpage you are probably aware of what Non Traditional and Traditional houses are as to search by this term does indicate a level of knowledge.

We mainly deal with traditional properties however we have surveyed many non-traditional properties and therefore have a very good knowledge of non-traditional properties and can inspect them for mortgage purposes. We can then explain to you and your mortgage company exactly what type of building you are getting.

Non-traditional house styles

Independent House Surveyors
Example of a non-traditional house

Non-traditional houses come under lots of different names; Airey houses, BISF houses, Cornish houses, Laing Easyform, Rema and Wimpey No-Fines are just some of the names you may come across when looking at non-traditional houses.

The following articles will give you further information on traditional and non-traditional houses and mortgage problems. We also are more than happy to have a discussion with you. Our Free phone number is 0800 298 5424. Please call us to speak to a surveyor.

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