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Yorkshire Building Survey Review

Yorkshire Building Survey Testimonial

Yorkshire Building Surveyor Review

Brilliant Surveying Service

Yet another comprehensive, easy to read, unbelievably detailed report which also offered advice and included historcal information about the period the house was built. I actually saved most of the previous report from the property we didn't buy because it provided so much info from the Environmental Agency regarding the floods and also technical info re various damp issues and their causes (which then helped me cancel out several other properties just by the external view, having been educated by your report.)

I also wanted to thank Tara for her brilliant service. How quickly she arranged for my surveyor, (last year, just before Christmas on a Friday afternoon) and guided me through exactly what I was expected to do at my end whilst never appearing to loose patience with me. I think I got very lucky finding your company and getting Tara as my contact and the Surveyor. Also, your website (very good) which made me decide on your company initially. I will certainly use you again and will recommend you others wholeheartedly.

Thank you again.

Mrs B, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

5 Stars

Very Detailed Building Surveys

The detailed report we received from the surveyor after the survey was well set out and we particularly liked the fact that we were able to meet the surveyor at the property on the day of the survey and have our various questions answered.

We are pleased to say we are going ahead with the purchase of the property. Thank you

Mr N, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

5 Stars

Friendly, expert Building Surveyors

I very much appreciate the help the surveyor gave me with the survey. This is the second time we have used 1stAssociated.

We did not buy this property but I am still looking so shall be in touch again when I have found one to suit many thanks.

Mrs G, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

5 Stars

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Easy to read Building Surveys

1stAssociated surveyed this late Georgian/early Victorian end of terrace for us. Due to the survey findings relating to the roof and damp situation we did manage to buy the property at a reduced price.

We found the report was easy to read and I also had a conversation with the surveyor who offered good advice, thanks once again

Mrs T, Pontefract, Yorkshire

5 Stars

Recommended Building Surveys

This is the second survey we have had with you and we would like to say once again we were very happy with the service.

We are going ahead with the purchase of this property and would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends in the future.

Mr N, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

5 Stars

Save money with a Building Survey

The report I received after the property had been surveyed was great, very detailed. Following on from the 'bad' points the surveyor highlighted I am at present awaiting quotes from builders on the work required and I will then try and renegotiate on the price.

Thank you for all of your help so far.

Miss F, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

5 Stars

Fast Response Building Surveys

I instructed 1stAssociated to survey this 1900s property for me near to the seafront. I was offered the chance to go along to the survey but was unable to make it. Everything was arranged very efficiently and I received a very detailed report which was very well written and easy to understand. I have taken into consideration the surveyors concerns but have decided to go ahead and purchase the property.

Thank you to all involved.

Mrs Mc K, Bridlington, East Yorkshire

5 Stars

Good, Bad and Ugly sections Building Surveys

The survey was absolutely brilliant! We were all pretty set on going ahead with this property as a home and holiday let business before the survey but your surveyors findings changed our minds. We found the report easy to read and the ugly section was great as it highlighted the negative points. The photos and sketches within the report also really helped.

We are now looking at other property and will not hesitate in using your services again. Thank you

Mrs H, Pickering, North Yorkshire

5 Stars

Building Surveys with lots of photos and sketches

When we enquired about a survey on a Victorian property we were interested in purchasing we were sent an example survey report which was the deciding factor of us instructing you. We compared your example report against another surveyors example reports and decided to go with you as your report was very easy to understand with pictures and sketches throughout which explained any problems.

We are going ahead with the property surveyed. Thank you!

Miss Q, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire

5 Stars

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Building Surveys help with price negotiation

We are a young couple and wanted somewhere different to live. We came across a converted Grade ll listed church in a great location but needed to understand better what was involved and the costs. We met the surveyor at the property who was fantastic. He advised us what work was required and also gave us the anticipated costs involved. The report was easy to understand and we particularly liked the good, bad and ugly section within the report. We were advised buying the property was high-risk due to the ongoing maintenance required but due to the findings of the report we are negotiating the price with the vendors and would definitely recommend 1stAssociated to our friends and family.

Thank you

Mrs M, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

5 Stars

Quick Turnaround Building Surveys

I have two small boys and we desperately need a bigger house and would love to move back home to Yorkshire. We were so excited to find a house which was everything we wanted and more. We instructed a surveyor to assess the property but as we live in Surrey myself and my husband were unable to attend. We were extremely happy with the report which was very detailed and fully explained problems, solutions and even costs to either repair or replace. Also we could not fault the quick turnaround to which it was completed and emailed to us was brilliant. The main problem highlighted within the report was the roof, without the surveyors detailed findings we would never have known the extent of the problems found. We are now really disheartened and not sure what to do as we love the house and the location but not the many problems found in the roof and within the house. The surveyor has been great and gave us his telephone number for us to call him with any questions so will be speaking with him shortly as we are unsure whether to try and negotiate on the price or pull out completely. If we don't go ahead with this property we would not hesitate in using 1st Associated again and would like to thank everyone for their hard work.

Mrs K, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

5 Stars

Recommended Building Surveys

This was our second survey with 1stAssociated as we were so impressed with them the first time around we booked with them again. This property is a timber framed property which we are aware can have problems with rot and woodworm so were keen to have a full survey. Once again we met the surveyor at the property which we found on both occasions really helpful. We are happy to say no major problems were found and we moved in to our new home just before Christmas!

Thank you to all involved for your help and we will definitely be mentioning 1stAssociated to any of our family and friends that are moving.

Mrs M, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

5 Stars

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