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Warwickshire Building Survey Review

Warwickshire Building Surveyor Testimonial

Warwickshire Building Survey Testimonial

Save money with a Building Survey

Before I booked the survey I was sent an example survey of a similar Victorian property which I found very helpful. I was able to meet the surveyor at the property which was great as he was able to show me there and then the problems which he found. For example the layout of the property was quite strange, many cracks and dampness and access to the loft was unusual which limited the surveyors view. He also spotted problems I was not aware of such as a wall that didn't have adequate support so I am really pleased I made the decision to have the survey as this helped with my decision with not to go ahead with the property.

Will definitely recommend and call back should I need another survey. Thank you.

Mr H, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

5 Stars

Listed Building Survey Experts

We contacted 1stAssociated as we felt a survey was essential especially as this is a Grade ll Listed property. We were advised the surveyor (whom we were able to meet at the property) specialised in listed properties and we found him to be very knowledgeable. He highlighted certain points we were not aware of.

Overall we have been very happy with the service and we will soon be the owners of a listed property.

Mr C, Warwick, Warwickshire

5 Stars

Great Surveying Service

I contacted 1stAssociated as I needed a Schedule of Condition on a large pub I wanted to lease. I met the surveyor at the pub who was very helpful. He advised the pub wasn't to a full repairing and insuring lease standard and advised once I sign the lease I would be responsible. The help the surveyor gave was invaluable as he has helped me to save money overall.

Thank you for all you help.

Mr M, Alcester, Warwickshire

5 Stars

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Very detailed Building Survey

The report 1stAssociated produced after surveying this detached bungalow was huge and very detailed. It provided us with lots of good information and we have decided to buy the property.

Thank you

Mrs D, Bedworth, Warwickshire

5 Stars

Easy to understand Building Surveys

This is the third survey we have had with 1stAssociated and the service every time has been great. The reports I have found very detailed and easy to understand and I am please to say I will be going ahead with the purchase of this property and would not hesitate in recommending 1stAssociated to my friends and family in the future.

Thank you.

Mr H, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

5 Stars

Pub Building Survey Experts

We were advised to have a Schedule of Condition carried out on the pub we are going to be leasing. When I contacted 1stAssociated I was told they have a surveyor who specialises in pub surveys and who also has a very good understanding of the pub trade so we instructed him to carry out the survey for us. My business partner met the surveyor at the property and found the surveyor to be very knowledgeable and helpful. We have since received both the Schedule of Condition and also a Property Report and we are now waiting for our solicitors to proceed with this as we will be going ahead with the lease.

Overall a great service thank you.

Mr B, Alcester, Warwickshire

5 Stars

Pub Schedule of Condition will save you money

I called 1stAssociated to enquire about a Schedule of Condition on a pub and was sent a very detailed example. I then instructed 1st Associated to survey.

Following on from the survey the surveyor has advised I should try and get certain things excluded from the lease if I cannot get a reduction on the price but the landlady is at present not agreeing to a reduction and the business manager is advising they cannot exclude certain things from the lease so this is a work in progress.

Thank you for all your help and expertise.

Mrs B, Coleshill, North Warwickshire

5 Stars

Easy to understand Building Surveys

1stAssociated surveyed this 1920s terraced house for us. The report we received was very well written and easy to understand but unfortunately as some costly issues were found particularly with the roof we have decided after taking onboard the surveyors advice not to go ahead and buy the property.

Thank you

Mrs K, Bedworth, Warwickshire

5 Stars

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