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Surrey Testimonial

Surrey Building Survey Testimonial

Surrey Survey Review

Save money with a building survey

We called 1stAssociated for a survey on the 1940s semi we were interested in buying. We were aware there had been a subsidence claim on the property and wanted to make sure the property was structurally sound. We were promptly sent an example survey which gave us an idea of what 1stAssociated could offer. We decided to book and met the surveyor at the property.

The surveyor was very helpful and really opened our eyes to what was going on. He also gave us advice on the possible extension we may want to do and example extension drawings were even included in the report. We have been advised to try and negotiate a discount on the property and we are at present waiting to see if our offer has been accepted.

We would like to thank all involved for their help so far and would not hesitate in using 1stAssociated again.

Mrs N, Mitcham, Surrey

5 Stars

Peace of mind Building Surveys

We booked a survey with 1stAssociated on a lovely looking detached property with a double garage. On booking we were advised the surveyor would be more than happy for us to meet him at the property on the day of the survey which we agreed to do. The surveyor was very knowledgeable and confirmed the property was timber framed which we had no idea about, and was also on a sloping site close to a sheer drop! Added to that there was no management of the water going around the property and the surveyor advised us he found this a very high-risk purchase and advised us to spend our money elsewhere.

We have taken onboard the surveyors advice and wold like to say we feel the survey was money very very well spent. We are now looking for another property and will not hesitate in using 1stAssociated again for our survey once a property is found.

Mr A, Kenley, Surrey

5 Stars

Building Surveys with solutions and costs

We instructed 1stAssociated to survey our property as we are looking at selling and the lenders have requested a detailed survey as the valuer advised of corrosion in the loft. The surveyor who visited our property was very knowledgeable and highlighted problems with the roof and also cracking and movement.

The report clearly stated the problems and what should be done so we have as yet not shared the survey with the lender until we decide what to do next.

Mrs S, Addlestone, Surrey

5 Stars

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Easy to understand building survey

I contacted 1stAssociated as we were looking at leasing a Grade ll listed restaurant with accommodation. We received a very detailed easy to understand report and due to the bad state of the roof of which the surveyor advised should be excluded from the lease should we go ahead we have decided this is not the property for us.

We will continue looking and would not hesitate in using 1stAssociated again in the future.

Mr B, Guildford, Surrey

5 Stars

Excellent Survey

Due to the findings of the survey the surveyor has put me in a strong negotiating position and I am at present negotiating with the landlord.

Excellent survey thank you

Mr B, Sutton, Surrey

5 Stars

Save money with a Building Survey

We booked a building survey with 1stAssociated after being recommended by a friend. We were able to meet the surveyor on the day of the survey at the property. We are thinking of adding an extension to the property and the surveyor was brilliant and gave us good advise on this. He also suggested due to certain issues with the property we should try and negotiate on the price which we are pleased to say we have been able to do using the information the surveyor gave us.

We feel this was a very useful survey, thank you

Mrs L, New Malden, Surrey

5 Stars

Detailed Building Surveys

I decided to use 1stAssociated to survey a mid terraced 1970s/80s house for me as the example report I received was great and the service very professional from my first contact. I received a very detailed report stating there was structural movement and cracking at the property and based on the surveyors findings I have decided not to buy.

I would just like to say everyone at 1stAssociated has been extemely helpful from start to finish and once I have found another property I will definitely contact 1stAssociated to survey for me again.

Mrs K, Cobham Common, Surrey

5 Stars

Building Surveys save thousands

We instructed 1stAssociated to survey this property in Croydon for my mum who is moving to be closer to us. The survey was wonderful and highlighted what we need to do to the property. As a result of the survey we have negotiated a discount (between £10,000 and £15,000) so hopefully mum will be near us very soon.

Thank you to all involved

Mrs F, Croydon, Surrey

5 Stars

Fantastic Building Surveys

The report we received from 1stAssociated was fantastic and a bit more. There are too many unknowns on this property, possibly work that has been done without listed building consent. With this and the surveyors findings we have decided not to purchase this property.

We are looking again and will definitely be in touch with 1stAssociated to survey for us once we find something else.

Mr R, Redhill, Surrey

5 Stars

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Meeting the Surveyor at the survey was so helpful

After reading the full survey and having spoken with the surveyor at the house and with my children and my brother and his wife who have lived in Grade ll listed buildings I am very happy to progress the sale.

The report was easy to read, if long, but I prefer the detail to just two sides of general information that does not highlight any issues or concerns but is focussed on encouraging you to go ahead regardless of the findings of the survey. Meeting the surveyor at the house was so helpful and useful. It was obvious that the surveyor loved old buildings and knew his stuff. He showed us where the problems were and suggested remedies but over time. It is normal that people think the worst when they hear things like damp etc but the surveyor was able to put it in context and I thought it was the best to meet on site with the surveyor and discuss appropriate strategies.

Your communications have been very helpful and the draft survey before hand was very useful to gauge the depth of survey that could be done. It contrasted so much to my purchasers survey of my house I am selling. (not listed building but old -1911. We, my daughters and I thought the whole experience was good and we gleaned the information we needed and enjoyed learning so much.

Many thanks to you all. I will recommend you to anyone and would use you again if I move from my lovely new (old) house in the future.

Mrs D, Sutton, Surrey

5 Stars

Building Surveys to give you peace of mind

As yet I have not had the chance to read the report in full but my partner has and seemed happy with everything. I am 99% sure we will be going ahead.

Thank you to all involved

Mr A, Camberley, Surrey

5 Stars

Building Survey enabled massive reduction on asking price

The survey we had carried out by 1stAssociated was so much more than we expected. The surveyor was so helpful and knowledgeable and the content of the report was excellent so much so that both the estate agent and our builder both commented they had not seen a report before this detailed. All of our concerns were covered and as a result of this survey we were able to negotiate a massive reduction off of the asking price so thank you to all involved.

We will most definitely be recommending this surveyor to friends and family should they require.

Mr N, Walton on Thames, Surrey

5 Stars

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 Surveyor of choice

1stAssociated will always be our surveyor of choice.

Thanks once again for a clear pub survey. We will be back

Mr W, Dorking, Surrey

5 Stars

Very detailed Building Surveys

This is the second time I have asked 1stAssociated to survey a property for me. Both times I have met the surveyor at the property and have found his knowledge brilliant. The service I received from the whole team has been great and each time the report very detailed.

I am so pleased I am buying this property and would like to thank all involved.

Miss K, Walton on Thames, Surrey

5 Stars

Recommended Building Surveyors

Once again we received great service and a full report from 1stAssociated. It was helpful to be able to meet the surveyor at the property and we are pleased to say as no major problems were found we will be buying this house.

We will definitely be recommending 1stAssociated to friends and family who need a surveyor.

Mrs H, Sunbury on Thames, Surrey

5 Stars

Extension advice from Building Surveyor was very good

My partner met the Surveyor at the property and was impressed by how knowledgeable the Surveyor was. We had mentioned we may want to extend the kitchen and the Surveyor gave very good advice on the different options available.

The building survey report highlighted the possibility there was no Planning Permission/Building Regulations Approval for the top floor extension so we have passed this information to our solicitor who is looking into this for us. The service we have received from 1stAssociated has been great and although we are buying this property so hopefully will not need a Surveyor soon we will definitely not hesitate in recommending him on, thank you to all involved.

Miss C, Cobham, Surrey

5 Stars

 Surveyor was extremely helpful

We could not be happier with the surveying service we have received from 1stAssociated.

The surveyor was extremely helpful and his findings have had an enormous impact on our decision making.

We will definitely be using 1stAssociated again

Mr Y, Surbiton, Surrey

5 Stars

Building Surveys on auction properties

This was the second building survey we had instructed 1stAssociated to carry out for us, this time on a property going to auction. Once again we were very happy with the service we received.

My partner definitely found meeting the surveyor at the property very useful and we will be contacting 1stAssociated again once we have found another property

Miss Y, Croydon, Surrey

5 Stars

 Building Surveys with costs included

I contacted 1stAssociated as they have experience of surveying chapels. My concern was not just in the cost of purchase but future liability in maintaining the building for its intended purpose as a church. I was also interested in the surveyors opinion of the value of the property. I wanted to know the risk of taking on a project which could be a financial millstone and drain my funds.

The surveyor who I was able to meet at the chapel was so knowledgeable and helpful. He highlighted problems and gave me approximate costs of the work needed. I have now put in a bid along with half a dozen other commercial bidders and await to hear. I will keep you up to date on the outcome.

Dr L, Gomshall, Surrey

5 Stars

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