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Somerset Building Survey Review

Somerset Building Survey Testimonial

Somerset Building Surveyor Testimonial

Peace of mind Building Surveys

A great survey as always from 1stAssociated and as there was nothing in the 'ugly' section we are moving forward with the purchase.

Thanks again

Mrs M, Clevedon, Somerset

5 Stars

Listed Building Experts

I booked a survey with 1stAssociated as I was advised at the enquiry stage that the surveyor who worked in this area was a Listed building specialist. The property had recently been renovated so I had no major concerns but was keen to get the roof checked as this had not been replaced. I was able to meet the surveyor at the property who was very knowledgeable regarding Listed buildings. The survey highlighted building work had possibly been carried out without Listed Building Consent which was obviously a worry.

Due to this and other factors we will not be going ahead with the property and have decided to go into rented acommodation for year but would like to thank 1stAssociated for their help.

Mr S, Frome, Somerset

5 Stars

Save money with a Schedule of Condition

We booked through 1stAssociated for a survey to be carried out on a French cafe we wanted to lease in Somerset. We received a very detailed Schedule of Condition and Property Report. Having negotiated the landlord is taking on responsibility for the property and we are delighted to be going ahead with the lease of the cafe.

Thank you to all involved.

Mr S, Frome, Somerset

5 Stars

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Meeting the Surveyor at the property was great

We did have a very good feel for this house and it would also have meant the end of a long search we’ve been on to find a home that we both like and one that ticks as many boxes as this one did but after receiving the 104 page survey report from 1stAssociated with a recommendation not to proceed with the purchase of this property even with a considerable reduction in the purchase price we after reading the report in full have decided to pull out.

Problems mentioned included the spalling on the chimney stacks, the inaccessible rear chimney looking unstable, the coupled roof that should be braced, evidence of damp on the roof trusses, the risk of possible roof spreading pushing the walls out, the property being on a slope with water running down towards the front with nowhere to go, damp in the walls, high damp meter readings in the floor of the lounge area around the Inglenook fireplace and also in the kitchen, old electrics, the use of breeze block in the roof space, and possibly much of the rest of the house, indicating previous problems such as the walls possibly having gone out of alignment, the inability to gain access to the rear of the property, and others. All in all we feel that the risk outweighs the benefits of the house. We are retired and feel that we cannot take the risk of buying a property that carries such risk.

We would like to thank the surveyor who was absolutely outstanding and being able to meet him at the property was great. We are now looking for another property and will definitely be using 1stAssociated and the same surveyor again if possible to carry out our next survey.

Mr C, Bridgwater, Somerset

5 Stars

Save money with a Building Survey

The surveyor covered all of our concerns such as cracking and dampness and more. It was great to be able to meet him outside the property and he gave really good information.

We have also managed to negotiate a slight reduction on the property due to the findings and will be moving in as soon as dates are agreed.

Mr M, Weston Super Mare, Somerset

5 Stars

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