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Shropshire Building Survey Review

Shropshire Building Surveyor Testimonial

Save money with a Building Survey

We booked a survey on a restaurant with 2 flats above we were looking at purchasing. We received a great report which the surveyor even took the time to run through by phone. Due to the findings of the survey we are at present in negotiations and are awaiting a revised price. Had problems not been highlighted by the surveyor this would not have been possible.

Thank you to all involved.

Mrs K, Whitchurch, Shropshire

5 Stars

Easy to understand Building Surveys

The survey 1stAssociated carried out for me on the commercial property I am looking a buying was very well written. It was great also to be able to meet the surveyor at the property and since the visit my surveyor has even spoken to the vendor to discuss certain findings. Following on from this the vendor has now instructed his own surveyor to survey the property so at present we are at a bit of a standstill but hopefully things will start moving soon.

I am very pleased with all that 1stAssociated have done for me to date.

Mrs A, Telford, Shropshire

5 Stars

Meeting the Surveyor at the property is very useful

Another great survey by the same surveyor. I am very happy with the report that was produced and found it very useful being able to meet the surveyor at the property.

I am pleased to say I will be going ahead with the purchase.

Mr H, Telford, Shropshire

5 Stars

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Listed Building Surveys

I currently have a shop at Margate on the sea front and also trade at campervan rally's all over the UK. I have family that already live in Shropshire so thought it would be a good idea to sell my shop and move to be near to them. After months of searching I found a four bed, Listed property in Shropshire with a shop underneath that I can carry on leasing to the existing tenants. This will be my fourth Listed property that I have purchased and as I used to be a project manager for a building company I am fully aware of all the regulations and alterations that can or cannot be done.

After visiting the property I realised a lot of time, money, alterations and repair work was needed on the flat above the shop but I still thought it was good value for money so I made an offer that was excepted straight away and then instructed the surveyor to assess the property as a whole. As the property was originally brought at auction the owner was not fully aware of the long list of problems that would need immediate attention. For example the roof had major problems inside, no heating, windows need replacing, electrics need rewiring, ceilings need replacing and much more. I have a meeting with the Conservation Officer tomorrow who seemed very keen to work with me on this property and not against me which I have found in the past. I will be taking my report with me from the surveyor to my meeting, which highlights all the problems from the very top of the building to the very bottom of the building in the cellar. Having the plans and many photos in the report was really helpful and will help me and the Conservation Officer and eventually with Building Control if I amend the property in the future.

As I mentioned before I have experience in the building trade and I can rewire electrics, do general plumbing work, decorate and general alterations but I would not have realised the extent of the repair work needed in the roof so I would like to thank you for the detailed and thorough report which has not put me off purchasing the property but has given me a better understanding of the building and work that is needed before me and my cat move in.

Thank you for a great report and all your help.

Mrs J, Wem, Shropshire

5 Stars

Fast Response Building Surveys

A quick and brilliant report and my father in law will be purchasing the property.

Thank you to all involved

Mr M, Telford, Shropshire

5 Stars

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