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Cambridgeshire Building Survey Review

Cambridgeshire Building Survey Testimonial

Cambridgeshire Building Surveyor Review

Building Surveys save you money

I booked this survey on behalf of my mum. We were initially sent an example survey which really helped us to see the type of report we would be getting. The report highlighted that long term my mum needs to budget for re roofing so she is still undecided at present as to whether she will be going ahead with the property. We have been advised we can speak to the surveyor again if we need to discuss anything further which is nice to know. As we don't have access to email a paper copy of the report was posted to us which was great.

Thank you to everyone involved for their help so far.

Mrs W, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Building Surveys with solutions and costs

We booked a survey with 1stAssociated on a modern end terrace property. My husband met the surveyor at the property which he found very helpful as although thankfully there were no major problems with the property the surveyor was able to suggest and show my husband ways to help the property such as to add vents as the property has a shallow pitched roof which can suffer from condensation. We have exchanged on the property and would like to say we were very happy with the service from1stAssociated.

We would not hesitate in recommending 1stAssociated to family and friends should they need a surveyor.

Mr N, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Easy to understand Building Surveys

1stAssociated carried out a survey on a Victorian end of terrace for me. The survey report was great, very detailed but also easy to understand with pictures throughout and even sketches to help explain the harder to understand issues. Cracking and movement issues were highlighted and the surveyor recommended I did not purchase the property. I have taken the surveyors advice onboard and along with my concerns about this area being a flood risk area I have decided to look elsewhere in the UK.

Once a property is found I will definitely instruct 1stAssociated to carry out the survey for me.

Miss G, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

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Easy to read Building Surveys

This is the second residential building survey we have had with 1stAssociated and have found all of the staff on both surveys very friendly and efficient. Both reports have been easy to read and we like the fact that photos and sketches are included throughout the report which on both occasions has been printed and posted to us as we don't have access to email. We are going ahead with the property surveyed.

Once again a great service and thank you to everyone involved.

Mrs W,  Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Fast response Building Surveys

1stAssociated surveyed this modern bungalow for me on the Thursday and I had the completed report by the Monday which was brilliant. The report was very good, easy to understand and I particularly liked the order of the report. Although the survey highlighted more than the average number of problems for a property of this age they are all quite easily resolvable so I will be going ahead and buying this bungalow.

Thank you for sorting everything out so quickly for me.

Ms V, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Recommended Building Surveyors

Thank you once again for a very good survey. We were both very happy with the report we received on this detached bungalow and are pleased to say we will be buying the property.

We hope to not have the need for a surveyor in the future but if we do we would not hesitate in using you again.

Mr I, March Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Meeting the Building Surveyor at the survey was a definite benefit

A great survey and a definite benefit being able to meet the surveyor at the property.

The report was very detailed, over 100 pages and we are happy to say we will be buying the property.

Mr H, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

Very detailed Building Survey

This is the second time we have used 1stAssociated and this time the property was a thatched detached. Once again we received great service and a very detailed report and are happy to say we are buying this property.

Thank you to all

Mr H, Ely Cambridgeshire

5 Stars

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