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Berkshire Building Survey Review

Berkshire Building Survey Review

Berkshire Building Surveyor Testimonial

Building Surveys save you money

We contacted 1stAssociated and booked to have a survey carried out on a semi detached property we were looking a buying in Berkshire. The report we received was well laid out and we found the photos within the report very useful. The surveyor has been extremely helpful throughout and gave us the confidence to go ahead and buy the house.

We are very pleased with what the surveyor has done and would like to thank the surveyor very much for all of his help with our new home!

Mr L, Reading, Berkshire

5 Stars

Meeting the Building Surveyor at the property was invaluable

We booked a survey with 1stAssociated and were very pleased to be told the surveyor would be more than happy for us to meet him at the property on the day of the survey. We are so pleased we did. The surveyors knowledge was brilliant and he took the time to explain everything in laymans terms. Taking on board the surveyors advice we did not purchase the property and feel the money we paid for the survey was money very well spent.

We would not hesitate in using 1stAssociated again and would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Thanks again

Mr C, Wokingham, Berkshire

5 Stars

Very detailed Building Surveys

We had already had a basic survey with another surveying company on this non traditional timber framed house but felt a full survey was needed. We met the non traditional property specialist surveyor at the property who was brilliant. He answered any concerns we had and we received a very detailed report of the property. After reading the report we have decided not to go ahead with the purchase and are at present looking for another property where we will definitely be using 1stAssociated again.

Thank you so much for your help so far!

Mrs J, Reading, Berkshire

5 Stars

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Very Detailed Schedule of Condition saves money

1stAssociated have been great from the start. The Schedule of Condition they carried out for us on the pub we are looking at leasing was very detailed (in fact the agent mentioned they had never seen one so clear!) We also received a great property report and we are now using these documents to renegotiate on the pub lease.

Thank you for a very thorough job.

Ms J,  Reading, Berkshire

5 Stars

Peace of mind Building Surveys

We currently rent a lovely cottage and when the chance came up to purchase it we were very excited and instructed 1stAssociated to survey for us. The surveyor was very thorough and we received a very detailed report. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as due to the findings (especially the highlighted roof problems) we will not be buying the cottage and have had to look elsewhere.

We have since found another property in the same area and as we were so happy with the service from 1stAssociated on the original cottage we have instructed them again to survey for us .

Mrs P, Maidenhead, Berkshire

5 Stars

Couldn't be happier with the Building Survey

I couldn't be happier with the work 1stAssociated have carried out for me. This is a listed property which I have been renting and am now looking at buying. I had various concerns with the property such as internal and external cracking which I highlighted when I booked the survey but the surveyor covered all of my concerns and more.

The report was a lifesaver!

Mr O'H, Reading, Berkshire

5 Stars

Listed Building experts

We instructed 1stAssociated to survey this Grade ll listed property we are looking at buying. Our single greatest priority is to establish whether there is a big “ugly”, urgent issue which would be extremely expensive to resolve, or such a number of smaller “ugly” urgent issues that, collectively, the costs would be prohibitive. Partly because we have been unable to sell our flat in London, and are re-mortgaging it in order to buy this property, we have very little financial flexibility and would be unable to deal with pressing repairs in excess of £100,000. On meeting the surveyor at the property we found him to be understanding of our concerns, he spent lots of time with us and answered many of our questions.

We now look forward to receiving the completed report.

Mr J, Wraysbury, Berkshire

5 Stars

Easy to understand Building Surveys

A great easy to understand report. We have taken onboard the surveyors comments regarding there being a few more 'bad' things than usual for this age of property but have decided we are still going to buy the property.

We would be more than happy to recommend 1stAssociated to family and friends. Thank you

Mr D,  Bracknell, Berkshire

5 Stars

Fast Response Building Surveys

This is the 2nd survey we have had with 1stAssociated and again we were very pleased with the work they did for us. We have taken onboard the issues regarding the movement and have also had a conversation post survey about this with the surveyor and weighing everything up have decided we are going to buy the property.

Thank you for your help

Mrs C, Wokingham, Berkshire

5 Stars

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Meeting the Surveyor at the survey was very useful

1sAssociated surveyed this non-traditional property for us. My husband was able to meet the surveyor at the property which he found very useful. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in getting a mortgage agreed so are now looking at other properties and will be contacting 1stAssociated to help us again when we find one

Mrs G,  Windsor, Berkshire

5 Stars

Highly qualified Building Surveyors

A great survey by a highly qualified building surveyor. Following a conversation with the surveyor we withdrew our offer on the property but would not hesitate to use 1stAssociated again if needed.

Thank you

Mr M, Reading, Berkshire

5 Stars

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