Most of our work is for customers who are buying a house, however we also offer services aimed more specifically at customers selling their home.

The government has recently introduced the sellers pack scheme - if you would like to find out more click here

For example, you may be aware of a problem with your property and want to have a specific defect report or engineers report produced to show to potential buyers. This report will help when negotiating the purchase price of the property. A few hundred pounds invested in the report could save you thousands by maintaining the sale price of your house. These reports provide accountable proof that the 'hairline crack' is just a hairline crack and not the wall falling down.

You may also wish to have a building survey carried out on your property from time to time. This would be particularly useful if you have owned the property for a long time and want to make sure there are no hidden problems that should be addressed before they get worse and cost you even more money!

Our useful links page for selling a property will also provide you with numerous other websites that can help you sell your house.

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