Building surveys and structural defects reports of houses,
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We have many years of experience of carrying out building and structural surveys and we have many years of good reviews and testimonials. In fact, we think we have a good surveying review on practically every type of property and type of client.

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building survey

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Independent Residential Building Survey client review on buying a Victorian Property without a Mortgage

Honesty is the best policy, we will always tell you if we don't recommend that you buy a property

Survey review of 1930's property with extensive cracking to the extensions

A surveyor should always look in the roof, a review of a structural survey with roof problems

A review on a property knowingly mis-sold

Misleading sq ft and sq m rate given by estate agent in London purchase a review

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Why having a Structural Survey is a good idea, even in a modern property!

A review of a Victorian converted flat with black mould