Buying a Non-Traditional House

and the difficulties you may face

non taditional

Non-traditional construction can really be classed as construction techniques that utilise systems of building, focused on speed and economy of construction. It is the sort of construction that is used where a great deal of housing is required quickly, so it is often used by local authorities to mass build (although today it is also used by commercial construction companies and developers).

Types of Non-Traditional Construction

Most non-traditional construction fall into the following categoroes:

1. Metal frame

2. Concrete frame

3. Timber frame

4. Concrete panel construction

5. Structural insulation panels

6. In situ concrete

7. One-offs

Sometimes difficult to get a mortgage

Mortgage companies are often reluctant to grant mortgages for non-traditional properties so be aware when purchasing a non-traditonal property.

Have an independent building survey

We always recommend you have an independent building survey on a non-traditional property before committing to purchase. Below are some reviews from clients who are buying a non-traditional propety.

If you require any help and advice please call a surveyor on free phone 0800 298 5424.


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