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We are Independent Building Surveyors, with many years of surveying experience in all property matters, including NHBC issues. We are happy to offer expert advice. Please free phone 0800 298 5424.

Who is responsible for any problems with my new build house?

Generally speaking, after a new house is built for the first two years the builder is responsible for any problems with the property. Thereafter, in the third to tenth year, the NHBC will offer a warranty but only on the structural elements of the property.

NHBC Warranty

You may already have a National House Building Council Warranty (NHBC) and may possibly be experiencing problems with this NHBC Warranty, which is also known as a NHBC Guarantee or NHBC Certificate.

As Building Surveyors we have come across many issues with NHBC warranties over the years and therefore have written the following articles based upon our experience. We are more than happy for the NHBC to respond to the articles.

Our NHBC Articles

NHBC Problems with the Warranty

NHBC Warranty Problems

We can help you with the NHBC

Our Building Surveys and Defects Reports

Our Building Surveys (often known as Structural Building Surveys) and Defects Reports are written in an easy to understand format, with property problems highlighted, recommended actions to resolve these problems and anticipated costs for any works.

Why do we use Photographs and Sketches in our Survey Reports, and what are the circles and ovals for?

We include photographs of the property throughout our survey reports, together with our survey sketches to explain what we are talking about. To emphasise certain points we add circles and ovals to make areas like cracks, or damp patches on walls really stand out. Feedback from our clients is that they really find this useful.

Independent Building Surveyors
Scaffolding on a new house that is having work carried out under their NHBC Warranty

Independent Building Surveyors
Cracking below window
Independent Building Surveyors
Sketch showing example of scaffolding around a house
Independent Building Surveyors
Cracking in plaster

Our Building Survey Reports

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