Our experience of moving house

from Hertfordshire to Bedfordshire

moving house

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Our reasons for moving house

We moved into our first house in Hertfordshire, which had good road links and was a short walk away from a tube station which was perfect for our jobs. When we moved in we were newly married and with prices at an all time high we just about scrapped together enough money for the deposit and mortgage payments only being able to afford a one bedroom property.

moving house
Modern house

As time went by our tiny one bedroom modern property, which was built in the 1980s felt smaller and smaller. The property was an unusual layout being back to back with a similar sized little house with our garden being sectioned off behind the house we backed onto. The small house comprised of a tiny entrance lobby, lounge with open staircase to the first floor and galley style kitchen. The first floor consisted of a bedroom and small bathroom, which was in avocado green, which at the time of construction was a popular colour but quickly dated and was never a good point of the property!

The property benefited from a good size front garden, a rear garden with summer house and private parking bay in a quite cul de sac.

Time went by and our first daughter was born with the property only having one bedroom the space was not ideal and we soon realised that we needed to move.

How did we sell our house?

We were living in difficult times as we experienced Black Wednesday with mortgage rates at 14%, their highest on record, causing the housing market to be extremely hard. We decided to engage the services of a local Estate Agent who was part of a national chain of agents but with very few viewings and with our house price causing us to be in negative equity we felt that it would be very difficult to find a purchaser.

During this period in the housing market purchasers were being able to bid at low prices and potential buyers were looking for two bedroom properties rather than one bedroom so we became very despondent as to whether our little house would ever sell.

What value?

We were anxious to achieve a good asking price for our small house but as many of our neighbours who had sold recently had found themselves in negative equity we were happy when the estate agent advised that to sell the house quickly we should be able to achieve the price we needed.

Whether this was wishful thinking or the estate agent just wanting to get another property on his books it became clear very quickly that purchasers were few and far between and that we were not getting any offers on our home.

Developers building new properties

One weekend our local free newspaper dropped through our letterbox with a full page advertisement, which seemed to jump out the page at us. The advertisement was featuring new build properties whereby the developer was offering to buy your existing property in part exchange for a new property.

A new build or an older property?

moving house
Victorian older style property

We had always dreamt of buying an older property and as long as the older era property was structurally sound after commissioning a full structural building survey we hoped to find one within our budget.

As time went by our dream of an older property became further from our grips as prices were beyond us and primarily we were unable to sell our house.

A modern property with a part exchange became more and more attractive so off to the new home exhibition we went in search of a new property.

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My search for a house

A large property developer took part in the exhibition that we visited whereby we could see plans of developments and details of the types and styles of property they were building. We found that a development further north than we wished to move to in Cambridgeshire had show homes available to view as the area we were interested in, namely Bedfordshire, was still in the building stage without any properties available to see.

The show homes were just what we were looking for with four bedrooms, kitchen and utility room and all in all well designed with good storage and design. We had the reassurance of a nationally known builder and the NHBC warranty, which along with the part exchange deal meant we could move up the ladder to a larger home.

Did the house move go smoothly?

moving house
Looking in the roof space

The developer sent their Surveyor to our house to carry out their structural survey in order for them to make us an offer in order for us to part exchange our one bedroom house for a four bedroom property. The Surveyor took time to look in the roof space and to look at every square inch of the tiny house, which was quite difficult as we had so many items packed into the small space which limited his view.

We soon heard back from the developer's agent who negotiated with us with a final price not being far off the selling price and with us able to move fairly smoothly to our new home.

Location, Location, Location

The location of our new home was important as we had a young baby and wished to have more children and wanted to move to a rural location with good road links for our work as well as good schools and local amenities.

Bedfordshire has great links with the M1 and A1(M) and many delightful village locations. The building developer building family sized properties in a village location with everything from a bank to a chemist to a doctor's surgery to a hairdresser made our choice very easy.

Moving House

moving houseThe negotiations over and the paperwork complete time for exchange of contracts and our move to our new house went through just before Christmas on a day where the weather experienced snow, rain and sunshine.

We choice our new house for several reasons including:-

1.  More space which we gained with four bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, utility room, en suite to the master bedroom and family bathroom.

2.  Location suitable for family and work. The road links are excellent and local facilities perfect for a growing family.

3.  Ease of moving with a part exchange. Although a higher price may well have been achieved by selling privately due to the difficult housing market we were happy to part exchange our house to move up the property ladder fairly stress free.

4  A property with room to extend which we have carried out firstly building a conservatory then later replacing this with a larger extension.

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