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Location, Location, Location

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location location location

As Surveyors we note that there are many television programmes covering the property market aired onterrestrial and satellite television stations which we review in this section of our website. Our television review is our light hearted opinion of the television programme and gives a breakdown of the programmes content. In no way are we advertising the television programme or receiving remuneration for promoting it on our website we are simply giving general information.

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Location Location Location

Location, Location, Location is a Channel 4 property television programme as Surveyors we enjoy watching. The property programme was first aired in May 2000 and has had successful runs ever since with the format changing slightly over the years including being extended from a thirty minute show to a sixty minute one. Location, Location, Location covers the length and breadth of the country with presenters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer helping people find properties in a variety of styles, types and ages.

location location location
location location location

Location, Location, Location is a phrase many property experts use as the location of a property is the most important factor relating to the desirability of a building whether that be for residential or commercial use.

The programme in 2012 was in its fourteenth series with regular strong viewing figures in the region of 2.3 million viewers appealing to an audience of demographic ABC1 airing at 8pm on a Thursday, and is an IWC Media Production.


Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie Allsopp grew up with parents who renovated the houses they lived in moving on once they were finished to the next property and the next project. It is no wonder that Kirstie followed in their footsteps buying her first flat at the age of twenty and later setting up a property search company which focused on the top end of the Central and West London market. Kirstie is a Mum to two boys as well as a Step Mum to her partner's two children; they live in London as well as having a house in Devon which they have restored.

location location location

Phil Spencer

Phil has an extensive knowledge of the property market and like many suffered with the down turn in the market with his property search company. He writes regular columns in The Sunday Times and Country Life as well as having his features syndicated nationwide. As well as presenting with Kirstie on Location, Location, Location as you can see above he has co-hosted other spin off property shows. Phil, like Kirstie, has been successful writing books such as Adding Value to Your Home and How to Buy Your First Home.

Phil was born in Kent, went to school in Rutland, is married with two sons and lives in Wandsworth. With his down to earth approach as well as informative knowledge of the property market is a perfect presenter for Location, Location, Location.

location location location

Location, Location, Location Programme format

Each episode of the weekly programme follows presenters Kirstie and Phil searching on behalf of house hunters for a perfect solution to their next move. The house hunters featured outline their desirable location and property and it is up to Kirstie and Phil to show several options of property that fits the criteria set. Often the wish list cannot be completely met and of course with a purchase as important as a home it is not always possible to find a property that instantly appeals and meets all the expectations desired.

location location location

The programme features a huge variety of properties from inner city apartments to idyllic country farm houses the length and breadth of the country with Kirstie and Phil interspersing light hearted comments along the way.

Kirstie and Phil both have a great knowledge of the property market and can both see past dated decoration and poor layouts and will often suggest where changes and improvements can be made whilst viewing the properties with the potential buyers.

The properties shown do not feature structural surveys so the viewer is only able to see a fly on the wall visit around each property.

location location location

Each week the programme is as different as the people featured and the properties they desire making it a must see TV experience if property interests you and having an insight into a huge variety of residences. Kirstie and Phil at times are often frustrated by the challenges set by the house hunters trying to explain that budgets may be way out or that you just cannot tick all of your wish list boxes however they come up with suggestions for every scenario getting to know the potential purchasers and also understanding the vendor too.

Location, Location, Location Titles

The programme starts with a snap shot of the house hunters, Kirstie and Phil and the properties to be featured in the show giving the viewer a taster of what is to come in the programme. Kirstie and Phil are always shown on location introducing us to the various scenarios they face with the challenges of finding the ideal property for the individuals featured on the show and introduce the area of the country where they are searching.

location location location

The properties

The two scenarios chosen for each episode are selected often to be as varied as possible to give a contrast to the types of property that they are looking for as well as variety in the lifestyles of the house hunters searching for their new home.

The property types vary from apartments to maisonettes, to bungalows to semi-detached and detached houses all with their positive and negative features that either appeal or put off the potential purchasers.

location location location

Over the years the series has been running the property types are as diverse as a modern apartment conversion of a warehouse to delightful country houses with traditional features.

Asking property experts' advice

When looking at properties with the house hunters on occasions Kirstie and Phil will call on another expert to gain their opinion on the property in question. It may be that they require local knowledge of what the rental value would be if the property is a second home which will be let for part of the year or if planning work on the property a local builder might be asked to give estimates of what can and cannot be done as well as giving an indication of costs involved to carry out such work.

Of course what is really necessary and essential before purchasing a property is a full structural survey which will outline any issues that are of concern – the guidance and property knowledge from a Surveyor should be a priority before making an offer.

location location location

Location, Location, Location Music

The show has jazzy upbeat music giving the programme a positive feel to the challenges set by the house hunters.

location location location

Location, Location, Location Programme example

Series 14, Episode10

Kirstie and Phil introduce us to the two property challenges this week – a family who are looking for period perfection with modern perks and a lady who wants to find a riverside home for herself and her dog. The property search takes place in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead with these picturesque towns nestling on the banks of the River Thames having good train and road links to London , picture postcard town centres as well as riverside life.

Kirstie's remit is to help a couple moving out of London for the first time to find a forever family home.

The couple have sold their house in London six months ago and with nowhere to go, moved back to the wife's parent's loft. With the husband working from home and two young children they are seeking to move out when they find a property with four bedrooms, a large garden, water mill (Kirstie is really not going to promise them this!), office ideally out of the house and on a budget of £800,000 enabling them to be mortgage free for their dream home.

location location location

Kirstie gets to know the couple, they were not in a hurry to purchase their previous house looking at about eighty houses before finding their home and explains that the availability of property at present very limited but understands that they want to be close to Maidenhead, with a property which includes period features.

We have carried out many residential and commercial property surveys in Maidenhead, Windsor and the surrounding towns and villages and note this area is particularly affluent with a large variety of residential dwellings of various styles, types and ages.

So with Kirstie and Phil both set with their challenges they both make sure that the house hunters are aware that the area they are purchasing in namely Windsor and Maidenhead has highest average property prices in the whole of the country. Both house hunters have healthy budgets but understand that the area commands rates of 40% above national average prices in location.

The presenters introduce the house hunters and viewers to properties they have selected which hopefully will meet the criteria set by the hopefully purchasers.

Family home

The first property is in Maidenhead and is a four bedrooms, two reception, large kitchen house with a large garage which is perfect to convert for the husbands work. The property comes in under budget is spacious, slightly modern with the potential for an office in the large garage and is the best house the couple have seen so far, they have been looking for 6 months so far. However upstairs lacks character and they are not so keen on making improvements so are really looking for a readymade dream home.

location location location

The second property is in Marlow which is a friendly town with lots of pubs, bars and restaurants. The Edwardian house has five bedrooms, three reception rooms, superb open plan kitchen and is modernised with many original features coming in just over budget. Kirstie and Phil show this one together – too swanky for couple!!! the couple really like the house and garden think downstairs is amazing but are disappointed with the upstairs.

Next a third property this time in Wooburn and is a Grade II listed 16th century barn with period features, tasteful modern extension at rear and on budget. The property was originally built as a pub then converted to house and has an outside office in the garden. However although the husband is delighted with the space in which to work the wife wants more of a practical family home and as the bedrooms are located all over the house rather than traditionally on the upper floor rejects this property.

location location location

The timber frame property has traditional charm but the layout is not so practical for a family.

The couple decide to revisit the second property they viewed and decide that they want to buy it making a sensible cash offer. As the property is not marketed through agent negotiations are direct with the owner who has a minimum she will allow it to go for, has nowhere to go so could decide not to sell! – eventually they hear that their offer is not accepted and the owner decides not to sell!

The couple had previously viewed the house next door to the second property and decide to reconsider this house making an offer which is accepted – after seeing what had been done next door, they decide to spend time transforming the property to make it into the home they desire.

Bachelorette riverside pad

Phil shows the first property to hopefully meet the criteria which is an impressive three bedroom Victorian house, freehold and comes in under budget. The property is felt to be more of a family than bachelorette pad and is not close enough to river and is rejected.

The second property is nine miles from Maidenhead in Henley on Thames with views of Thames . The property is on a modern development and is a three bed house, with a lounge on the top floor, ground kitchen and patio coming in on budget. The property is rejected as the kitchen is disappointing although the lady does not do a lot of cooking! – it is too far to carry a TV dinner!

location location location

The third property featured is in Marlow and is next to Thames being an island house with mooring too! The property is a huge maisonette, surrounded by water, with two reception rooms, four bedrooms, kitchen which also has a Thames view on and is designed on three floors.

location location location

The fourth property is further away in Sudbury, Surrey, on the waterside on an island accessed only by boat or footbridge. The property is literally right on bank of the Thames with two bedrooms, vaulted lounge and good size kitchen. The property certainly has a wow factor and has folding sliding doors opening right back to really open the property to the river. The lady loves it but goes back to Marlow to take a second look at property three as the environment is as important as house.

On revisiting property three a local builder is asked to give advice on removing walls giving an indication of costs.

The lady makes an offer on property three which is rejected, increases her offer and then this is accepted – her riverside bachelorette pad dream realised.

Kirstie and Phil have navigated the Thames basin to find the best deals this week then there is a taster for next week's episode.

location location location

Location, Location, Location in summary; a surveyor's view of the programme

Location, Location, Location is a very informative property programme giving the viewer an insight into many different style properties in a wide range of locations across the country. Kirstie and Phil work well together and bring their wealth of knowledge of this sector to the show in an upbeat and direct manner. The programme is varied each week as each house hunter is looking for a different solution to their property needs and with the different locations chosen gives the viewer a snap shot of the various areas.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation catches up with the house hunters previously shown on the show to find out if they enjoy their new homes and if they have made any alterations to the properties.


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