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listed building surveyWe are Independent Building Surveyors, which means we are not tied in with any banks, building societies or estate agents and as a result we are only working with your best interests in mind.

We have over 20 years’ experience in surveying traditional timber frame properties.  We offer a reasoned view, based upon our knowledge and experience.  We don't make a mountain out of a molehill.  Equally if we think the house has problems we say so in a clear, jargon-free manner.  We also use sketches, photographs and digital images to clarify what we are saying within our detailed reports.  We even give you prices on work required.
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Clients keen to buy a character property

listed building survey
Timber frame house

We were instructed to carry out a residential building survey (often known as a structural survey) on a 17th Century thatched property.

The clients were keen to buy a house with character and charm.

However, they were also aware that these type of properties often come with problems too and were therefore keen to have a full structural survey to highlight any potential problems.

Grade II Listed

listed building survey
Steel frame visible on timber

From our research of British Listed Buildings website we were able to ascertain that the property was Grade II Listed.

Therefore this meant the clients would have to adhere to strict building control of what they could and could not do to the property and any potential changes would have to be agreed with the Local Conservation Officer.

Picture box charm but what is hidden beneath?

listed building survey
Possible hole in thatch and moss over eyebrow window on thatched roof

From the outside the house had quintessential English charm, but upon close inspection did this charm continue throughout the property?

The roof was a straw thatched roof.  We noted a large dip in the roof and a large covering of moss.  We advised that the roof would need re-thatching in the near future, which would cost many thousands of pounds. There was also the chance that some of the roof timbers would need replacement.

In the roof space internally we found signs of woodworm, which is common in older roofs but which we felt needed further investigation during the Spring woodworm breeding season to see whether it was active.

listed building survey
listed building survey
listed building survey

Woodworm on left side of roof

Thatch on right side of roof

Timber frame roof structure

Previous Alterations to the House

As with many older properties there have been many alterations and amendments that would not meet today’s Planning or Conservation Approval for a building of this age and for a Listed Building.  In this case there have been some low level flat roofs added which are out of character with the property.

listed building survey

listed building survey

         Close up of a moss covered flat roof added to the property which the Conservation Officer would not approve of today.

High level photo taken with a 360 degree camera

Another high level flat roof which again would not have Listed Building Approval by today's standards.

Photo taken with 360 degree camera

What does a traditional timber frame property look like?

When most people think of a traditional timber frame or Tudor property they imagine a white rendered house with black timbers.  However today’s thinking is that maybe this look only came about during Victorian timbers, when they blackened the timbers, with them being a natural colour prior to this time.

Shot Blasting of Timbers

listed building survey
Shot blasted timbers with some of the black still visible

Some people have chosen to shot blast the timbers to remove the blackened effect.  This was the case with this particularly property

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Client comments upon reading the whole of the building survey

We spoke to the client once he had read the whole of the report and he said he was happy to go ahead with buying the property from the advice we gave him in the survey report.  We recommended a reduction in the purchase price based upon the amount of work needed to the house.

The client told us that he would be recommending us to his family and friends.

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