Kate Mansfield

kate mansfield

Independent Building Surveyors

We are independent building surveyors who carry out building surveys (also known as structural surveys) on all types and era of property from flats to churches. We also offer commercial surveys, engineer's reports, specific defects reports and independent valuations.

All our surveyors are independent and are not connected to any banks, building societies or estate agents. We have a wealth of knowledge on all things property related. Please free phone us today on 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with one of our surveyors.

kate mansfield

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John Maguire

One of the first Chartered Building Surveyors

Why we always recommend having an independent building survey?

Always have an independent building survey carried out by a qualified surveyor as this will pin point any problems with the property. Caveat Emptor means buyer beware. Your estate agent will not always advise you of any property problems but we always will!

Our surveyors always only have your best interests at heart.

The sketches and photos we use in our surveys

We use many of our own sketches and photos in our building survey reports to make the problems as clear and as easy to understand as possible.

kate mansfield

An example of one of our sketches

Our circles and ovals

We use circles and ovals in our building reports to highlight certain areas. We do everything we can to make our reports as easy to understand as possible.

kate mansfield

An example of one of our photos

Compare our Building Surveys but don't compare Apples with Thursdays  

If you require a Specific Defects Report, Building Survey or a Structural Survey on a home, house or commercial property we as Building Surveyors have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you.

kate mansfield

We recommend you take a look at our sample surveys CLICK HERE to give you an idea of the sort of things we do although we appreciate every property is different.

We set our standards so high that we believe there is no other comparable survey available in the UK property and surveying market.

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