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We are Independent Surveyors and Structural Engineers who take great pride in our survey work and are very proud of the high standards we achieve in our building surveys. As well as Building Surveys, also known as Structural Surveys, if you want to know what the property is worth we can also offer Independent Valuations, Engineers Reports, Specific Defects Reports and Homebuyers Reports. If you need help and advice with regard to building surveys, structural surveys, structural reports, engineers reports, specific defects reports, dilapidations or any other property matters please free phone 0800 298 5424

As Independent Surveyors we note that there are many television programmes covering the property market aired on terrestrial and satellite television stations which we review in this section of our website. Our television review is our light hearted opinion of the television programme and may get you talking and thinking about what you see. In no way are we advertising the television programme or receiving remuneration for promoting it on our website we hope you find it of interest.

House Doctor

House Doctor is a popular property television programme produced by Talkback Productions for Channel 5 which airs in a half hour format. Alistair Appleton hosts House Doctor with a different house owner who is trying to sell their home featured each episode with House Doctor Ann Maurice coming to their rescue.

House Doctor highlights areas within a home which can be made more appealing to the house hunter to enable the home owner to sell their property rather than be dismissed by would-be buyers.

house doctor

House Doctor Norwich, Norfolk

House Doctor covers home owners the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and we shall focus this article on an episode featuring a Victorian terraced property just outside the city centre of Norwich, Norfolk. The property featured on House Doctor has been on the market for three months and is in a sought after area just outside of the city in what is known as the golden triangle.

As Independent Surveyors we are frequently in the county of Norfolk carrying out both residential and building structural surveys.

house doctor

Layout of property

The Victorian terraced three bedroom property has a living room that opens directly from the street which then leads onto another living room which was once a dining room then a kitchen which is a galley style kitchen and conservatory to the rear. On the first floor the three bedrooms are reasonably sized with one in the loft space with shower room and a bathroom off bedroom two which is not ideal.

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house doctor

Typical floor plan for a Victorian terraced house

Interior design

House Doctor when featuring a home that is taking awhile to sell looks at the interior design of the home owner. The property in Norwich is owned by a Lebanese gentleman who has a taste for minimal furniture which is almost squat like with mattresses on the floors in the bedrooms and no beds and a bold Moroccan style to the ground floor rooms. The viewers that have viewed the property have not warmed to the bold colour scheme nor the lack of furniture liking the property to one inhabited by students and therefore there has been no offers.

As Independent Surveyors we do not pass comment on interior design as this is very much a personal taste but what we do offer is full property advice and our detailed building surveys will outline any property issues.

house doctor

House Doctor to the rescue

House Doctor Ann Maurice meets with the home owner and views each room explaining how seventy five percent of buyers will not like orange painted walls or a deep green bathroom. The Moroccan theme is not one that is popular in Norwich and in order to sell the property the colour scheme needs to be toned down. In Norfolk home buyers are looking for traditional, easy to live in colours and the bold decoration is putting many potential buyers off making an offer.

house doctor

House Doctor Transformation

House Doctor Ann Maurice tones down the exotic taste and transforms the house into a more traditional living space raising furniture off the ground with bed frames to the mattresses and adding furniture into the conservatory that only had cushions for furniture. In the conservatory there were wall paintings of a lady which are not to everyone's taste and therefore they are painted over with a soft cream and likewise the fireplace is whitewashed to tone down the feature.

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house doctor

House Doctor Reveal

House Doctor Ann Maurice reveals the makeover of the Victorian three bedroom terraced house to the owner and already viewers have passed comment on the new more traditionally decorated and laid out property. The second living room has been transformed back into a traditional dining room and with all the improvements there are several potential buyers who would now make offers.

The overall opinion is that the house is now roomy, inviting, sophisticated and a family house with true potential and sells within a month.

We note as Independent Surveyors that this property has had a loft conversion which when carrying out structural surveys for our clients we always point out will have required Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval. If the appropriate Approvals have not been gained then the rooms are deemed uninhabitable and therefore are of consequential concern when a property has been valued. Having one of our structural building surveys can save our clients money and is always advisable to obtain an Independent Surveyors report prior to committing to purchase a property.

house doctor

House Doctor as a property television programme is informative and shows that when selling your home you must look at the property as others will rather than as your home which may mean making some changes in order to attract buyers. Ann Maurice is an informative House Doctor with many years of experience in the property market with not only helping people when they move but when they wish to de-clutter or if a developer wishes to create show homes.

house doctor

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