Environment, Your Building

and Garden Gnomes

building surveyorThis section covers a mixture of issues with regard to the environment surrounding your property and in particular environmental reports, which will highlight any issues with a property such as being on a flood plain, etc.

Any wildlife in your property is not a good thing and can be very problematic, for example bats and indeed their habitat are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and therefore cannot be removed. Grey squirrels can also be very problematic if they get into your roof and can cause damage and of course no-one wants rodents such as mice and/or rats in their property. There is also plant life such as Japanese knotweed, which can be very expensive to remove. Indeed if you are living next door to an enthusiast who collects garden gnomes then they can even be a pest or at least an eyesore!

We have included an interesting extract from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors monthly magazine to RICS members with regards to Environmental Reports. Although it is quite an old extract we think that the sentiments remain. You do need someone who is on your side when looking at these issues and someone that can offer common sense advice, which is what we do during the course of our structural surveys and building surveys or house and home surveys.

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Animals and Plants Living around your Building

Environmental Reports

Gnome Record

Japanese Knotweed