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We have produced a number of articles regarding Schedules of Dilapidations on Commercial Properties.

Click on the relevant link below to find out more about dilapidations and to view some examples of the Commercial Surveys, Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidations that we produce for our clients.

We have also produced a number of book reviews on Dilapidation publications which may be of interest to you.

A-Z of Dilapidations

Dilapidations for Tenants, Leaseholders and Business Owners including examples of Commercial Building Surveys and Schedules of Conditions

Dilapidations in a Nutshell for Tenants, Leaseholders and Business Owners

Dilapidations for Landlords and Investors including an example of a Scotts Schedule

Dilaps Claim by a Landlord

Landlord's View on a New Business Taking on a Lease

What the Landlord wants in a Tenant

Landlords What do they Look For in an Investment Property?

Landlords, What can we do for You?

Landlords What do they Look for in Industrial Properties?

Landlords, can you have too good a retail tenant?

Landlords, can you have too good an industrial tenant?

Negotiating With a Landlord

Dilapidations - Scott's Schedule Example

Dilapidations - Disagreement on the Repairs Needed

Dilapidations for Surveyors

Dilapidations Quiz - for Trainee Surveyors or Qualified Surveyors

Schedules of Condition

Schedules of Condition What should I Expect?

Experienced Business people Understand the importance of a Schedule of Condition being appended to a Lease

Dilapidations Claim and No Schedule- Dealing with a dilaps claim where a Schedule of Condition was not originally prepared

Dilapidations are Inevitable

Do not let the end of your Lease end your Business

Dilapidations - Two for the Price of One

Dilapidations Help! From - What we can do for you

Dealing with a Dilapidations Claim

Dilapidations Break Clauses

Break Clauses - Are they Worth it?

Dilapidations The Negotiation

Dilapidations Section 18 Valuation

Interim Dilapidations

Terminal Dilapidations

Dilapidations and Poker

How to Read a Dilaps Schedule

My First Lease What should I do?

Your Lease in Plain English

Retail Leases or Licences

Negotiating FRI Lease Clauses

Lease Negotiations with your Landlord

The Lazy Solicitor and the Lease

How do Civil Procedure Laws Affect Dilapidations?

RICS Guidance Notes On Dilapidations

Why Advanced Rent?

Beware of the Late Served Schedule of Dilapidations by the Landlord, it could be very costly

Dilapidations and Accountants and Your Accounts

Dilapidations Negotiations (Landlord or Landlords Surveyor not Acting Fairly)

Few Thoughts from Vivian King on RICS Guidance Note and Dilapidations

Reading your Village, Town and City

Dilaps Help Course Book comments by Vivien King

Understanding or being able to read how a village, town and city has developed is very important when looking for opportunities, assessing development potential, carrying out a dilapidations schedule, a schedule of condition or a pre-purchase building survey.

Dilapidations Book and Article Reviews

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