Designers and Architects will they save me money or

will they cost me money?

Good and bad house extensions

As Independent Building Surveyors we have seen many good and bad extensions and alterations designed by architects and interior designers over the years.

Building SurveyorsDoes the design actually work?

We have spoken to many owners / occupiers whilst carrying out our Building Surveys who have had home improvements carried out and have discussed whether they believe the design actually works in their home or business. We have gained the knowledge of what does and doesn't work; just because a design looks good doesn't mean it necessarily works for the occupier.

Our Independent Building Surveyors can carry out design work for you

Our experienced Building Surveyors can carry out design work for you. Once we have established your brief and requirements we will prepare your design with the cost in mind, work to a budget or if budget really is not important (and we haven't come across such a design job yet) we will let our imagination run wild. We also have experience in project management.

Which Permissions are required?

We can advise you which permissions are required, such as Planning Permission, Building Regulations, or a Party Wall Agreement. All of our Building Surveyors have many, many years surveying experience and they are Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Our design articles

Learn more about design ideas from our articles below or speak to a building surveyor on Free phone 0800 298 5424.

Good Design can Save you Money

House Surveys

Our independent building surveyors have many, many years surveying experience on houses and can carry out structural surveys on a house you are thinking of purchasing and a defects report on your home if you have a problem such as dampness or structural cracking.

Building Surveyors
Georgian house with Mansard roof

Building Surveyors
Modern timber framed house
Building Surveyors
Sketch of a Mansard roof
Building Surveyors
Thermal imaging photo of a Tudor house - the red shows heat loss

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