We have produced some articles about dampness in properties.

Dampness in Buildings - Basics Article

This article looks at the basics of dampness in buildings giving a non technical overview for the layperson, who has dampness problems, or for a person who has a particular interest in this area, such as a student of building surveying, architecture, building or estate management.

Examples of Dampness Problems that we have Dealt with in the Past


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Dampness in Buildings - Technical Article

This article offers a more technical analysis of dampness within buildings

Resolving Dampness in your Basement

This article looks at the different methods of resolving dampness in a basement.


Dampness Defects Report

Dampness Problems

Condensation Problems

Damp Walls

Shared Freehold and Problems with Damp

Damp proof courses defined

Damp Proof Courses - What are these for?

Damp Proof Specialists - Talk to us First

How do Older Properties keep dry without a damp proof course?

French Drains

Rising Damp and Independent Reports

Damp Meters

Rising damp, condensation and damp through your walls

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