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Cracking and Movement

Independent Surveyors

We are highly qualified independent surveyors who pride ourselves on our high standards of service. We can offer you advice on your property problems and can carry out building surveys (also known as Structural Surveys), engineer's reports and home buyers reports. We also provide Specific Defects Reports on such areas as cracking and movement and much more.

We can also carry out Independent Valuations but please note these are not for bank lending but are to advise you how much we feel the property is really worth.

We are more than happy to send you example surveys.


Why have a building survey with us?

Caveat Emptor means Buyer Beware and is why we always recommend you have a building survey. A building survey prepared by a qualified building surveyor could literally save you thousands of pounds. The survey only needs to uncover one potential problem with the property and the cost of the building survey is more than recovered.

A Building Survey is suitable for any property old or new (although people tend to think of it more in terms of older, unusual properties).  New properties these days are built to a price rather than a quality standard, so equally we find problems with these.

Our sketches and photos and circles and ovals on our reports

We use photos in our building surveys and in addition to this if we believe the photo does not explain the problem clearly we also add in one of our unique sketches.

We also use an ovals and circles system within our reports to highlight the problems further. We really do try to do everything possible to make our reports as easy to understand as possible.


An example of one of our sketches


An example of one of our photos

Meet your building surveyor

We recommend you meet us at the property during the survey so that we understand exactly what you require from your survey report and so we can answer any questions you may have.

Commercial Property

If you have a commercial property, whether it is freehold or leasehold then sooner or later you may get involved with dilapidation claims. You may wish to look at our Dilapidations Website at and for Disputes go to our Disputes Help site

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