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High level ceiling lighting

We thought we would draw your attention to the problems we come across in commercial properties on what we will term as high level ceiling lights.

These are ceiling lights that are above approximately 2.5 metres in height. We are typically finding these in warehouse units, entrance lobbies to offices and specially designed buildings such as churches and sports centres. The height of these lights make them very difficult to access, in some cases they are almost inaccessible.

We have spoken to one church who have to use a tower scaffold whenever they need to change a light bulb which really is a major job and a costly exercise. We have come across the same problem in warehouses.


Tower scaffold required to change lights

High level lights within church where a tower scaffold was required.



Commercial lights suspended approximately 10m high. We would add that as this was a scaffolding company it wasn't too difficult a problem for them to get the scaffolding to gain access to the lights!

High level lights

Winders to lower high level lights

We found lights in a property from the 1960's that had thought ahead and actually had winders to bring the lights down to floor level.


High level lighting

Winders to lower high level lights

Winder cable to lower lights

Older style lights

Older style lights

We still come across older style lights particularly within offices.

Cat II lighting with leak next to it

This can be a particular problem when combined with roof leaks. These leaks can be from roofs or they can be from air conditioning units in some cases.

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High level heating

Again, in commercial properties we also come across high level heating and air conditioning units which are very difficult to access.


Air conditioning unit

High level heater


Whilst we are talking briefly about heating buildings, we also need to talk about insulation as we are finding older properties simply do not have any insulation at all and this needs to be considered. Equally, you need to take care if you do add insulation in as this in turn can cause condensation. We have come across a few times now when we have been called in to deal with roof leaks and other problems when it is actually condensation within the building.

We would always suggest that you use qualified electricians.

The surveyor will know when they are at their limits of knowledge and will recommend an NICEIC approved electrical contractor or equivalent to carry out the appropriate tests.

Independent Surveyors

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Commercial Property

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