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We are independent building surveyors, which means we are not linked to or owned by an estate agent or lending institute, and as a result we are only working with your best interests in mind.  Since we are solely surveyors, we can keep our overheads down and ultimately our prices as well.

We offer quotes on the surveys and we can usually save you money on the cost of the survey.  We provide them quickly and we feel the quality of our surveys are one of the best on the market. We offer a reasoned view, based upon our knowledge and experience, we don't make a mountain out of a molehill.  Equally if we think the property has problems we say so in a clear, jargon-free manner.  We also use sketches, photographs and digital images to clarify what we are saying.

Having a survey carried out on the property that you intend to buy or lease will give you the extra peace of mind that you are buying the right one.

Please call us on Free phone 0800 298 5424 to book a survey / for advice.

Free phone 0800 298 5424

Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and other Leisure Facilities we have surveyed over the years

We are very experienced in the structural surveying of pubs, restaurants and hotels and other similar types of buildings. We can help protect you if you are taking on a lease of a property. We can help you understand what the responsibilities are of the lease based upon what we have seen during the course of our structural survey.

What type of pubs have we surveyed?

The term public house or pub can mean many things to many people and can be quite broad, we have therefore considered the following - venue pubs, community pubs, town centre pubs, food based pubs, pubs with accommodation and traditional wet-led pubic houses.

What type of restaurants have we surveyed?

Again, we have surveyed every type of restaurant from the old listed building to the modern purpose built. We would add that we are well aware of the environmental health issues too and can comment on these if you so wish.

What do our building surveys cover?

Our Building Surveys will consider the liabilities if you are buying freehold or taking on a lease. We particularly have specialist knowledge of leases, having been involved with the Mergers and Monopolies Commission and dealt with many breweries, young, old, established and no longer operating, together with pub companies and individuals.

Our unique building surveys have been uniquely designed to identify your liabilities and aid negotiation (never accept the first figure) and protect your future liabilities.  We only use building surveyors with experience of the licence trade.  We have a chartered surveyor who was a member of the British Institute of Innkeepers and has been involved with single 'hands on' and multiple pub operators too.

Some Reasons You Should Use us for your Pub Survey!

An Unfair Game

We carry out structural surveys to protect the buyer with the buying of freehold or leasehold. Just to explain a bit more about leases a lease is a right to use a property (pub) to a set of rules that are set up by the landlord which can of course be a very unfair game. Our survey spots any structural problems and costly maintenance issues that you can negotiate the price on.

Any fool can get a lease

In surveying we often say any fool can get a lease this is because they can! and the Pub owners love it - with pubs, people are often so keen to get a pub they will sign almost anything - this becomes a problem in 5-10 or 20 years time when they want to leave the pub and the Pub owner says well you signed to do all these things why have they not been done.

Three words that cost a lot of money - Put and Keep

Most pub owning companies have a "put and keep" clause in the lease - ask the pub buyer is this in his lease?  There three words costs thousands of pounds they force the pub buyer to "put and keep" the property in good condition regardless of what it looks like today.  A Dilaps can be served 10 seconds after they take the pub over on this clause alone.

We also look at the good things too

The survey is very detailed but it has an Executive Summary which says all they need to know initially in brief including the good points - and we comment on extension, alteration and improvements to layout to increase trade.

We can meet you at the pub!

No other company does this!  Because our reports are written for the individual and not mass produced, we like to meet our clients at the property and get to understand what they want better . We don't know of any other company that encourages you to meet at the property.

Here are a few examples. We have many more on the website.

Pubs / Clubs / Night Clubs
Venue Pubs Community Pubs Town Centre Pubs Food Based Pubs Pubs with accommodation Traditional pubs
Venue PubsView as web page Community PubsView as web page Town Centre PubsView as web page Town Centre PubsView as web page Pubs with accomodation View as web page Traditional pubsView as web page

Coffee shops
(Schedule of condition)

Schedule of Dilapidations
(explained in plain English with examples)

Download example of a hotel we have surveyed in PDF Download PDF Download PDFView as web page Download PDFView as web page Download PDFDownload word document
Listed Pub with Restaurant
Listed Pub with Restaurant, Commercial Building SurveyListed Pub with Restaurant - Schedule of Condition

Building Survey and Schedule of Condition - click on each pdf document above

Get a Survey Quote

Case Study ...

We have prepared a case study to illustrate how we have helped a previous customer with the purchase of their pub.   We have many years experience as commercial property surveyors and will be able to provide invaluable help with assessing your potential investment. find out more ...

And to add to's a selection of pubs we have surveyed over the years. Public House List Please contact us on Free phone 0800 298 5424. We may even have surveyed your pub many years ago.

Visit our Pub Survey Website

We have a website specifically for pub surveys:

Free phone us on 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with one of our Chartered Surveyors, who all have years of experience in surveying pubs.


If you have a commercial property, whether it is freehold or leasehold then sooner or later you may get involved with dilapidation claims. You may wish to look at our Dilapidations Website at and for Disputes go to our Disputes Help site

A Dilapidation (known as a Dilaps) report if then serviced on the leaseholder (our client) for the cost of the works, these usually run into thousands.  So to protect the client we do a "schedule of condition" as well as the structural survey which means taking 100's of pictures and recording the condition of each room and the external of the property.

Dilapidations, we look at other things surveyors don't mention

Environmental Health Issues

1. Does the building meet the EHO standards, which is the Environmental Health Standards on food hygiene in the kitchen and conditions in the beers cellars

2. Does it comply with access arrangements (disabled legislation that means you have to alter any public building to give reasonable access the disabled/less abled) If we believe there are access problems for the less abled/disabled user then we will comment on these.

We don't know of any other surveyors that look at these issues.

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