Chimney Issues and Problems

How chimneys are examined during a building survey

chimney problemsIn recent times chimneys are becoming more and more useful as many of us are reverting to real fires and wood burners as a more attractive and economical way of heating our homes.

Chimneys are exposed to all the elements and in our experience rarely get maintained due to the difficulty of accessing them. Many chimneys on old properties can cause problems, anything from dampness getting into the property to a worst case scenario of where the chimney falls through the roof.


chimney problems
Repointing required to brick chimney

We must say that we are very careful to be realistic with our comments with regards to chimneys. We know of one property that was surveyed several decades ago where the occupiers were advised there was imminent danger of the chimney collapsing which is still standing up!

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Surveying Articles relating to chimneys and building surveys

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Accessing Chimneys

Chimney Issues

Chimney Problems

Common Chimney Problems

Should I convert back to a real fire or not?

We use many photos and sketches in our surveys

In our structural building survey reports we include our own unique sketches and photographs from a very powerful optical zoom camera to identify problem areas and to help to explain pictorially the issues which we as Independent Surveyors often find helps to highlight and explain property areas of concern.

We use many photos and sketches in our building surveys to help you understand the problems and get the best results for you such as being able to understand any problems that the property may have and therefore negotiate a better purchase price.

We also have our own unique set of survey sketches to make the property problem crystal clear.

Sketch of lead flashing around base of chimney
Awkward detail around chimney
Sketch of a gallows bracket internally where a chimney has been removed
Brickwork to chimney needs repointing

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