Buying at auction, review of the survey

Property auctions have changed over the years. Many, many years ago when we first started in surveying you could go to an auction and know all the other surveyors that were there and the property dealers and traders. Today people have watched TV programmes on buying property at action, or on the Internet they have read how easy this is, and indeed you can bid on the Internet at auctions as well. However, going to an auction and bidding on a property is a very serious matter and whilst you can pick up a bargain you can also pick up a property that someone else has been trying to get rid of.

We offer an auction service where we can look at several properties or just one and provide a pre-auction survey, which can be tailor made to your requirements, whether you are an experienced purchaser, or someone looking for a way into the property market, or someone looking for a bargain - a pre-auction survey will help make sure that the auction purchase you make is not a problem property.

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property at auction