Building Control, what do they do?

Having an extension? You'll need Building Control

Building Control, also known as Building Regulations is a legal requirement applied for via the Building Control Services Department of your Local Authority to ensure that any extensions/amendments to a property are built to a good and safe standard. A Building Control fee is payable for this service.

Other permissions such as Planning Permission and possibly Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent or a Party Wall Agreement may also be required.

Our surveying articles about Building Control

Building Control has changed a lot over the years and can mean many things to many different people. As Independent Building Surveyors we have put some articles together to help explain what is going on in the building control world.

Approved Inspectors vs Local Authority Building Control Officers

Building Control Approval

Building Control, What Is It?

Building Regulations

Our Building Surveyors also explain (and we are sure Building Control Officers/other Building Surveyors would agree) that Building Control cannot be relied upon to give accurate records of the quality of work; it is not supervision of the building work.

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Our Independent Building Surveyors have many, many years surveying experience and are all Chartered Building Surveyors, and as such are Members of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and ISVA - Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association.

What else do our Building Surveyors do?

If you are buying a home our Building Surveyors can offer you a full and comprehensive building survey report, often known as a structural survey.  Similarly, if you are investing in property and are looking to buy to let we are experienced property managers and can offer you first hand advice.

Defects Reports

If you already own a property but are experiencing problems such as movement and cracking or dampness then we can provide you with a Structural Defects Report.

Damp resistence meter, which is just one type of many types of surveying equipment our surveyors use
Crack to brickwork - shown by a red circle, which we use in our survey reports to highlight property problems clearly