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Get a free quick quote todayIf you are buying or leasing an industrial building it can cost a lot more than the initial outlay. We as qualified surveyors are particularly keen to help you when you are buying a lease to ensure you have a proper Schedule of Condition carried out to protect you in the future from a costly  dilapidations claim also known as a dilaps claim. This is where the landlord does a claim on you in relation to how the building should look according to the lease. Note it is not how you took the building on but how it looks in accordance with the lease.

For freehold properties we will of course carry out a structural survey. It can stop you buying a problem property.

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Large industrial unit / warehouse, a review of the survey

Review of a large warehouse

Getting out of a Lease on a Warehouse; a review of a survey report

Always have a survey on a warehouse, including the roof